On the perversity of being English

So, if Argentina win then who should a Brit wish to win the World Cup? Germany?

Hmm, no, has to be Argentina really, doesn’t it? Discuss.

28 thoughts on “On the perversity of being English”

  1. Couldn’t care less. But I would put my house on Argentina to beat the krauts in the men’s code.

  2. I think it would be nicely ironic for the World Cup to be held in South America and the final contested by two European teams. And, no, we don’t want the Argentinians to have another chance to prattle about “Las Malvinas”.

    Also, anything which increases the unpopularity (however unfairly) of the Hag of Buenos Aires is to be applauded.

  3. Obvious surely – we know that if the roles were reversed, the krauts, the frogs the jocks and assorted dagoes and shirtlifters would all be supporting the jamaican ladies handball team against the English, so it clearly behoves us to return the favour.

    I will therefore be glad if they both lose, but especially Germany. Preferably on penalties.

  4. Supporting, or at least appreciating, this German side is not as inconceivable as it might have been with past teams.There is less of the dreaded “German efficiency” about it: the goals against Brazil were elaborately worked, with some pretty close passing .Also the best players don’t conform to a “Teutonic stereotype”: Lahm the best defensive player is tiny and clever and Ozil and Khedira (also Boateng) don’t come across as typically “German” to suspicious English eyes. They stay pointedly silent throughout their national anthem. Only Neuer comes across as old-time arrogant and his rushes from goal are entertainingly fraught with the possibility of humiliating disaster.

  5. We’re good at adopting a cause and flexible in our allegiances. Don’t forget Klinsmann was a cheating diving Kraut before he came to Tottenham: and then he was ‘our’ cheating diving Kraut, to be defended and supported.

  6. After the “hand of God” as far as I’m concerned Argentina should be permanently banned from the world cup. I would like to see them humiliated 7-1 by the Netherlands, they thorough;u deserve it.

  7. The Great Redacto

    Netherlands to win tonight and on Sunday, please. Another former adversary, of course, but hey.

  8. Netherlands

    1. the inventors of total football
    2. they should have won the World Cup least once before
    3. we’ve not recently been at war with them
    4. they were gracious enough to lose to Scotland in 1978 World Cup in Argentina and to let in Archie Gemmill’s fantastic goal

  9. 3. we’ve not recently been at war with them

    The “church pennant” flown when one of HM (or HNLM) Ships is conducting a church service is the St Georges Cross at the hoist and the Dutch tricolour at the fly. From back when we were at war with them in the 17C.

  10. TGR: Pretty much every country in the World Cup has been a former adversary at some point in our history or another. That’s really not going to be a helpful metric!

    If I were at all bothered, which I am not, I would support Germany against Argentina: apart from those two world wars, we were actually more generally allied with Germany than against; we have been more recently against Argentina than Germany; we share more political goals and ideals with Germany (even when run by socialists) than Argentina (which has never had anything other than socialist government); we are aligned with Germany but remain at odds with Argentina; both elements of the term Anglo-Saxon hail from Germanic peoples; and we are on the same continental plate as Germany, which is about the same sort of rationale as supporting the team which hails from the same island as you. (I suppose one might make a case for Argentina on the basis of the Anglo-Argentines, and I would entirely understand the Welsh supporting their Patagonian cousins.) Of course, I would support the Netherlands against either of them.

  11. The Argentines still kick up a fuss about the Falkland Islands from time to time, whereas we haven’t had a peep out of the Germans since before most of us were born. Therefore the Germans roundly deserve to win.

  12. AFAIK the German government no longer has designs on the Channel Islands. Therefore, I will be supporting our near neighbours.

    (Though I must admit that, until last night, I wasn’t sure the world cup was still on.)

  13. You can’t support the bloody Argies, surely. It’s got to be the Germans. We taught them a lesson in 1918 and they’ve hardly bothered us since then.

  14. Firstly the Germans at playing better football
    Secondly, we needed the Prussians’ help to the army of the Elector Of Hanover in order to win at Waterloo.

  15. As John77 says, we can all show our historical knowledge (actually, I probnably can’t) but it is in fact a sport called football and Germany played the best football throughout the tournament. So good on’em.

  16. Difficult one for me. On one hand I’ve plenty of German friends so would like them to win… on the other hand where I live is plagued with fucking Brazilians most of whom are a royal pain in the arse and will be even more upset with the Argies winning the thing in Brazil than they are about their humiliation the other night.

  17. theoldgreenfascist

    You’re so British Timothy. Why don’t you live in the UK? If you did I might be able to give some credence to your views on UK affairs. As it is you’re just another laughable ex pat.

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