Ritchie is a card, isn’t he?

New figures show that HMRC is writing off more tax debt than it used to. So, says the Murphmonster:

Second, HMRC is not able to properly estimate tax due.

Third, it is likely that HMRC seriously under-estimates the tax gap.

Well, no, not really. The problem appears to be that HMRC is being more aggressive in cl;aiming as a tax debt tax that isn’t in fact due. Thus HMRC is over-estimating the tax gap, not under-estimating it.

Because, you know, they are claiming as due amounts that are not actually due?

7 thoughts on “Ritchie is a card, isn’t he?”

  1. No, no, no.

    You are deliberately not getting the point. HMRC seriously under-estimate the tax gap because the world’s most renowned tax expert estimates the tax gap at a much bigger number than HMRC.

    And any evidence that HMRC doesn’t charge the level of tax on a company or individual that the world’s greatest tax expert thinks that company or individual morally deserves to pay (and, remember, he’s a Quaker therefore his morals are, by definition, better than yours. Unless you are a Quaker yourself, in which case as you are not the world’s greatest tax expert, his calculations are more accurate than yours) is evidence that HMRC simply aren’t very good at sums. And if they aren’t very good at sums then their estimates must be wrong (because, as we all know, you get estimates from doing lots of sums very well.)

    Therefore, logically, the only accurate estimate of the tax gap must be the one provided by the world’s greatest tax expert.

    Who has reports from the Tax Justice Network, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Trades Union Congress, Compass and the Green New Deal to back him up. All of those different experts agreeing with him – he can’t possibly be wrong.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    If I can combine two cliches here, there is both a vicious circle and a chicken and egg problem here.

    The vicious circle is the obvious one – the Revenue people are funding Ritchie’s b0ll0cks. And then using Ritchie’s b0ll0cks to demand more power and abuse the public more. Which in turn seems to drive Ritchie into more extreme positions. The problem is that the Revenue Unions are in danger of being out of control and so will alienate the public past the point of repair.

    The chicken and egg problem is closely related – which came first, their desire to abuse power or Ritchie spouting nonsense? Do they fund him because he says what they want him to say in order to further a nasty political agenda, or are they pushing that agenda because Ritchie has convinced them there is a problem?

  3. No, the Revenue people are not funding Ritchie. Ritchie’s posts show he has very few friends there. The PCS funds Ritchie. The PCS goes on strike a lot. Ritchie tends to say things the PCS thinks; funny that.

  4. Dennis The Peasant

    So Ritchie’s having trouble understanding Accounts Receivable.

    There’s a shocker.

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