So, good looking bird walking down the street

Wearing a t-shirt that said:

Dream It
Wish It
Do it

At which I pondered, yes, I can dream it, having so I would wish it but would she let me do it?

15 thoughts on “So, good looking bird walking down the street”

  1. Texts on T-shirt wearers I have drooled at in the past include

    Boy Toy


    Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me

  2. I saw a brill tee-shirt a few years back – a shambling ape-man, with shaven skull and lots of aggro, sported “Do I look like a fucking people person?”.

  3. Surreptitious Evil

    If there aren’t pictures, it didn’t happen.

    (Generic ARRSE comment about good-looking women.)

  4. Surreptitious Evil

    Oh, that worked.


    The kids buy me lots of these.

    I’ve got the Synod t-shirt “Does not work well with stupid people”

    I’ve got the BOFH “Your computer is broken and it’s ‘my’ problem.”

    I bought my daughter a “I shoot like a girl” T – tight groupings around brim cell and genitals.

    Wearing the right t-shirt to the wrong meeting is geek art.

  5. Surreptitious Evil

    What’s a “brim cell” when it’s at home?

    “Brain cell”, with the strong implication that it’s in solitary.

  6. The Pedant-General

    but would she let me do it?

    Is this a “Fascinating History Question to which the Answer is ‘No'”?


  7. To continue with tshirt stories, last night a bird was wandering along with a shirt that said “will you be my boyfriend?” so I walked up to her (just for giggles you understand) and said “Yes”, pointing to her shirt.

    She went bright red, mumbled something and skittered away.

    So, standard reaction from women to middle aged Englishman accosting them in the street whatever the shirt says then.

  8. On t-shirts, all hail to Dave Griffiths, the stand-up comedian who got fed up with French Connection and launched his own trademarked brand “Cnut” (named after the 11th century king of course).

    One of his early T-shirts carried the legend

    “It’s spelt fuck, you stupid cnut”

    He ended up having a ding-dong legal battle with French Connection which he won. You can find it on the internet.

  9. Some Septics sport amusing t-shirts full of pictures of various small arms, below the banner, “Celebrate Diversity”!

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