The Murphmonster always does want the last word, doesn’t he?

In a piece specifically about me, to which I respond, and even ask him to answer two simple questions, his final comment ends:

“And since you despise my work so much, I will free to delete your response in line with the advice many have provided today. “

That’s how you engage with your critics you see.

24 thoughts on “The Murphmonster always does want the last word, doesn’t he?”

  1. There was a chilling line to one errant commenter:

    ‘You will be deleted’

    I wouldn’t want to be living in a country where RM had any power over people’s lives.

  2. On reading the piece in question, he’s totally misreading your questions (wilfully or otherwise). What a tool.

  3. The one time I commented at his, he deleted me purely because I talk to you. That we regularly disagree, and I go take your research and do the exact opposite you wanted with it more’n once, doesn’t bother him, talking to the enemy makes you the enemy.

    Horrific mindset, it’s why I can work better with right wing libs than I can with lefties I, theoretically, have more in common with.

  4. Now that Salmond and Darling are to have the Scottish referendum debate, is that a precedent for Murphy v Worstall at a Women’s Institute hall somewhere in, say, rural Norfolk?

    Give us lots of notice so we can get the cheap train fares and handbags at dawn ladies!

  5. Tim was booked to debate with him; I was going to attend. Tim’s invitation was withdrawn. Go figure.

  6. Tim

    Your response to him was spot on. Especially the point about the triumph of evil. His post ‘what does matter’ this morning was truly terrifying and to me he is the embodiment of menace, thuggery and intolerance of dissent, and all to create a state so Courageous it seems essential the protection of serial child molesters. A deeply contemptible figure.

  7. I would not normally encourage anyone to read Murphy’s drivel but the sheer insanity of his piece this morning was deeply concerning – apparently anyone who disagrees with his viewpoint is ‘in need of assistance’ – one shudders to think what he has in mind – the idea that people might be best left alone to manage their affairs themselves simply does not register with what little mind he has.

  8. Van_Patten,

    Murphy would be right at home as a Nazi functionary or stalinist commissar, a thug dressed as an intellectual. The idea of him having any real power is obscene.

  9. Ooh, one of the sycophants thinks that your Burke quote is overblown. But the power to tax is the power to destroy – the new economic policy in the ussr was ended first with tax, and then by bullet. At the current exchange rate, UK rates of tax on my middle class income where I live would destroy my family (no joke)

    He just won’t consider that the results of what he is proposing would result in perverse outcomes, and real hardship for real people.

  10. Abacab>

    Of course he considers the outcome. That’s the whole point of his evil lies. Make no mistake, Ritchie’s not stupid, he’s just an old fashioned Nazi. He’s noticed that extremism does much better in harsh economic climates, and he’s attempting to create such a climate.

  11. “Thank you for your comment.

    I have answered your question many times already on this blog and considerable information is available in the public domain.

    I regret I am not a personal substitute for Google. ”

    Brilliant. Murphy Richards has outdone himself here.

  12. One good thing about the eu, echr , European court etc is that most of his ideas could never be implemented – at least within EU/EFTA/EEA.

    I never cease to be amazed that he thinks that UK could unilaterally change tax treaties away from oecd norms without there being any form of retaliation, and without the eu intervening.

    Did any one else spot the chilling doublethink of taxing UK citizens abroad as a “revenue protection measure?” In what twisted worldview does that make literal sense? Except as a fiscal Berlin wall, even entrapping those already outside it..

  13. If you can imagine his ideas bearing fruit in a country where the state is the sole employer, provider and security then they are probably bad ideas. He would I think have been happy in a certain political party I shall not name.

  14. David Moore

    Absolutely agree – although point out to him the fascist nature of his ideology and he takes great umbrage – unfortunately, despite my adhering to Socrates idiom that the merit of an idea is not measured by the amount of support it has enlisted behind it, there are enough people now in receipt of largesse from the State that Murphy’s ideas have traction- that is truly terrifying.

  15. Perhaps the best contribution so far on Murphy’s blog has come from Howard Reed. All the more amazing as he makes a healthy living an an economist. His economist’s analysis is that Amazon is engaged in a diabolical conspiracy on a worldwide scale. It’s prices are kept low until all its rivals are put out of business. Then it will charge monopoly prices; devilish, absolutely devilish. And all without any supporting evidence.

    Well, when I say no evidence, there is an advert immediately to Howard’s right for an exclusive right to sell a certain e-book. The Courageous Retailer.

  16. @Ironman,

    They just can’t let go of that 19 th century worldview, which wasn’t even right when it was first promulgated by that evil bearded chap…

  17. We have our answer!!!! :-

    “The answer is easy of course: all those books are wrong” – Richard Murphy

    We also have Howard’s view; it is “nonsense” to priortise the consumer as “undergraduate with a textbook” Tim Worstall suggests. (Ironically “Undergraduate with a Textbook” is of course exactly what Ritchie is; whoops Howard)

  18. Ironman

    The classic riposte from Howard Reed – ‘Worstall engages in character assassination’ – having seen Murphy’s profoundly offensive missive and constant condemnation of Worstall across about 100 quotable blog entries, the chutzpah is simply breathtaking.

    I also found entertaining Murphy’s failure to respond to you at any point beyond saying ‘ I’ve said all this for years,’ and his paranoid assertion that ‘your primary goal appears to be wasting my time’ – he has no argument beyond saying that he has the answers 200 plus years of conventional economics doesn’t. I’m also with GlenDorran – the ‘personal substitute for Google’ riposte earlier in the same thread is beyond satire. He and his witless followers are more like an offshoot of Uncyclopedia…..

  19. Van

    “All the books are wrong” will never be topped I’m afraid. I’ve been predicting his demise for a long time, but today was the day Murphy Richards was finally put out of business.

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