The phrase needs a little work

The Green Blob” isn’t really a slogan to bring them out on the streets. But Owen Paterson is certainly leaving office fighting, isn’t he?

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  1. One can’t help but think that had he written such a rousing defence of his work a few months sooner, he might have been spared the job.

    He has evoked the spirit of Bastiat, most marvellously.

  2. With Owen P sacked and Michael Gove demoted, it seems David Cameron is doubling down on the strategy that failed to win him the last election: appeal to urban metrosexuals and position himself as a Blairesque figure, unburdened by old-fashioned stuff like ideology.

    Well, good luck with that.

    The phrase that’s been repeated a lot by the press – culling the “male, pale and stale” – is interesting for several reasons. Nobody seems to mind when middle-aged white men pay most of the taxes that keep our government running.

    I’m confident that if press officers of any organisation you care to name were gleefully briefing the press about sacking the “black, cack, hacks”, they’d be prosecuted for hate crimes faster than you can say Diane Abbott.

    But mostly what intrigues me about this obeisance to “diversity” – which is surely the most clay-footed and retarded idol in the pantheon of modern political correctness – is this: the clever guys cleverly shitting on their peers in the name of “diversity” never seem to think it will be used against them.

    For they don’t come much maler, paler and staler than David William Donald Cameron. You’d be hard pressed to find someone more hideous or whiter than Greg Dyke.

    Imagine you are a ginger, or a Jew, or left-handed. Would it seem awfully clever to shit-talk about your fellow sinisters, scarlets, or semites? To posit their dispossession as a virtuous sign of Progress? Or would possess the morsel of self-awareness to realise that encouraging the extirpation of your own kind from positions of authority is fucking stupid?

    Because even if they don’t live long enough to see it bite them the arse, their sons probably will. Is not poisoning the well for your posterity considered old-fashioned now?

  3. He’s saying what most of us already know.

    There is nothing in the Universe more vile than a Green.

  4. Greenpeace and FoE are terrorist organisations. They create a climate of fear via scaremongering and lies. Not much different to terrorist organisations in their direct actions either. Both aim to cause damage to those carrying out legal activities.

    This indicates how dangerous GP & FoE and their ilk are – “I received more death threats in a few months at Defra than I ever did as secretary of state for Northern Ireland.”

    “organisations that are little more than anti-capitalist agitprop groups” is being kind. They are useful idiots.

  5. @john miller
    >He’s saying what most of us already know.

    I’m not sure that’s true. A surprising number of the folk I speak to seem to think that Greens are cuddly, well-meaning folk who only have everyone’s best interests at heart. The worst they’ll say about them is that committed greenies can be a bit of a bore. Ineffectual ex-hippies, harmless enough, and you might as well go along with what they want even though it doesn’t really make sense when you look into it.

    They’re shocked to hear my opinion, that the green movement is lethal and needs to be treated with at least as much suspicion as any other totalitarian political force.

  6. I ask my (diminishing) band of Green acquaintances if they know that green is the colour of death.

  7. The Greenshirts were a pre-war organisation in the UK who wanted the State to take over the creation of money (from the commercial banks,as now) and give everybody enough money ,in the form of monthly National Dividends, to keep the economy running at full capacity. A practicable idea but as you can see from the latest reshuffle, nobody with ideas goes into politics now.

  8. The Meissen Bison

    DBC Reed: A practicable idea

    Well practicable only in the sense that the generating of any value in this system was an unfulfillable article of faith.

    When put into practice, as it was East of the Elbe and Trieste, your ‘practicable idea’ arrived at this practical expression: “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us”.

    People with ideas this crazy DO go into politics – it’s just that the Conservatives are not quite progressive enough to enjoy your support.


  9. Back when I blogged a bit over at Counting Cats, I wrote an article about how the NGOs and pressure groups are now playing the same damaging role the Unions were in the 1970s, but even more dangerous and overpowered, and we’re not going to get anywhere until a Thatcher figure dares to take them on. By that analogy, we’re stuck in a kind of equivalent of the pre-Thatcher “accomodate them” consensus.

    Following it further, that will probably require them to demonstrably show their nature in a “Winter Of Discontent” equivalent.

  10. @DannyL 20 July 5:19 pm
    “I fear ‘greenery’ more than I fear radical Islam, though its a close call…”
    Me too (tho’,by radical islam I mean the constant and abject appeasement of radical Islam).

    @Ian B 21 July 4:44am
    “that will probably require them to demonstrably show their nature in a “Winter Of Discontent” equivalent”

    I have high hopes that when the lights start going out, the greenshirts will rush to reveal themselves for what they are.

  11. TMB
    I wasn’t aware that the ideas of Major Douglas and Social Credit had been adopted in the Soviet Bloc,as was. You live and learn, at least my generation does.
    The extent of political knowledge in the younger generation appears nil despite the wonders of the Net ,much trumpeted, which should make it a matter of moments to look up the Greenshirts and discover that they were a monetary and banking reform organisation whose insights are probably still valid (especially if cross referenced with the BoE’s” Money creation in the modern economy” bulletin which came out this year. But then I don’t suppose you’ve read that either).

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