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The EU and landfill: zealotry, not anything sensible.

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    The availability of holes in the ground to use for landfill is not a feature that every member state enjoys, though, so measures limiting the use of landfill are an attempt (forgive the metaphor) to level the playing field and create homogeneity where none would otherwise exist.

  2. Given that recycling includes chucking the nonprofitably-separable stuff in CHP plants, 5% seems easily attainable. Indeed in a lot of places (anywhere with enough people to sell the energy to) at lower cost than any other known means of disposal.

    You don’t (at least shouldn’t) get much concrete in domestic waste.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    JGM: Reading stuff like this just make the case for voting UKIP stronger

    if that were possible…

    Time was, pre Lisbon when the euro-buzzword was ‘subsidiarity’ whereby decisions would be made at as local a level as practical. We don’t hear much about subsidiarity any more.

    Thus it is that the local government whom you did vote for and whose business it is to deal with waste is trounced, trumped, countermanded and emasculated by a bunch of people you didn’t vote for.

  4. How long until someone says we should launch all of our waste into the sun…. and then a bigger mentalist worries about ‘astro-pollution’ or some shite?

  5. If they want to reduce landfill to 5%, the next step will be for scavengers to go through every black bin/bin bag and then fine every householder who puts recyclable waste in the black bin.
    The return of Stasi.

  6. Here in China when you chuck a plastic bottle in the bin some poor person comes running to take it out to sell to a recycling plant for about 5 pence… so all we need is massive inequality and the problem is solved….. right?

  7. Nah, massive inequality isn’t enough – you needs millions who are *really* poor. You won’t get the poorest Kuwaiti or Alaskan doing that.

  8. In France there doesn’t appear to be any of this segregation of rubbish, at least in my Parisian suburb. There are separate bins, but their use appears to be optional. Whatever you put out for the bin men to collect, they take. Sensible folk, who probably just ignore the EU regulations just as they do every other which they don’t like.

  9. [quote]Given that recycling includes chucking the nonprofitably-separable stuff in CHP plants, 5% seems easily attainable.[/quote]

    Good luck with that mate! The sensible thing to do with most household waste is incinerate it, run it over some magnets to pull any steel out of the ash, then stick whatever is left in landfill.

    You get a load of free heat off it you can generate power with, and you greatly reduce the volume of stuff needing to be landfilled. However, there is a slight problem – greenies hate rubbish incinerators with unbelievable passion, and have thus made it near impossible to get planning permission for one on environmental grounds…

  10. Here in Cyprus the binmen take everything away…. anything I can fit into plastic bags and put in my wheelie bin is collected three times a week… anything that won’t fit I just take to the bigger community bin up the road…

    On the British bases everything is sorted into glass, plastic, cardboard, etc. and put into a huge array of separate recycling bins…

    …the Cypriot binmen empty all the bins into the back of the truck that also takes my mixed rubbish…

    Goodness knows where they take it – I don’t care to be honest….

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