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So climate change isn’t a problem any more then. For the Greens are claiming that solar is cheaper than coal, or very soon will be. So we don’t have a problem any more, do we?

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  1. bloke (not) in spain

    Trouble is, the key difficulty with solar power is – & anyone who’s tried living with it will tell you – not generation but storage. If you can’t get juice when the sun don’t shine, it’s bloody hopeless.

    Solar PV, itself’s been economically viable against the cost of getting the grid run in, in isolated locations, for years. But the cost of battery capacity & back-up generation for long term load leveling makes it ruinously expensive as an overall solution.

  2. Not forgetting the running costs of battery backup. Solar panel itself might last 20-30 years, but the inverter will last 5 at most and they’re £300-£1k. And batteries don’t like being cycled much, a few years for a bank of them, another £500-£1k. So you’re replacing everything bar the panels every few years. Expensive!

  3. @bnis

    Have a look at this:


    and try not to piss yourself laughing at the wind numbers!

    As long as you can operate at the macro level rather than micro, then storage isn’t a problem?

    Ie, not as any kind of complete solution, nothing ever would be, but in that there is a “daytime” ~10GW peak that solar might admirably help contribute towards?

    And isn’t storage anyway just another technological waiting for its solution?

  4. “The only way that this cannot be true is if solar doesn’t become so competitive.”

    Or if anyone needs electricity from 4 PM to 9 AM. Or when it rains.

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