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At the ASI.

Italians rice growers are protesting against the idea that people should be allowed to purchase vegetarian rice.

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  1. bloke (not) in spain

    There’s been a lot of reports of ‘vegetarian for religious reasons’, S. Asian immigrants having a high incidence of dietary diseases with their kids. Rickets etc. Protein deficiency diseases. Likely cause, back in India they were getting much of their needed protein from the insects in the rice. In the west, the rice is pest free.

    Aren’t we always told, those healthy Mediterranean diets, Italian for instance. Better for us because less meat than our northern ones? Maybe less apparent meat.

  2. The recommended Mediterranean diet doesn’t seem to include the pasta and bread that Italians enjoy so much.

    Much of our summer scoff is distinctly Mediterranean but that’s because it tastes good, not for reasons of nutritional pseudo-science. Scottish salmon tonight though, and then a spot of mature cheddar. Mmmmmm.

  3. Maybe it’s time for rice producers in the Po and Ticino valleys to start growing something else. Protesting will not make the global economy go away.

    What kind of dweeb is Nick Squires? “Rice producers.” They don’t have “farmers” in Italy?
    Nobody talks like that, Nick.

  4. If people weren’t so stupidly squeamish, Italian rice farmers could market their product as tastier because it’s got insects in it.


    Do you think “meat producer” often?

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