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At the ASI.

Amazingly we seem to have an at least partial cure to one of the effects of climate change. But it’s illegal to do it….

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  1. The Law of Unintended Consequences will make a bigger cockup than your proposal for the (nonexistent) problem. Btw fishes deal with diurnal pH variation way ahead of any modelled accumulation of carbonic acid and the sea still remains stubbornly alkaline.

  2. Gasses have retrograde solubility in water wrt temperature. As the sea temperatures around Alaska continue their inexorable rise to boiling point, the dissolved CO2 will be driven off, leading to increased alkalinity. All you will have to do is stroll along the Alaskan beaches and help yourself to steamed crab.

    Trust me on this. I’m a Doctor, and a modeller. I have a 1/43 scale Spitfire on my desk.

  3. Geo-engineering ideas terrify me.

    These buffoons might actually do something quite significantly big at some point, which will cause heaven knows what unintended and unexpected consequences.

    In pursuit of the chimera of CAGW they might do some actual damage which could be hard to reverse.

    Sending enormous mirrors into orbit…dumping huge amounts of Ferrous Sulphate into the oceans…Oh God will someone stop these idiots before they start to kill people.

  4. err, seawater is essentially an infinite buffer solution for carbon dioxide.

    And as has already been pointed out is alkaline and will remain so until the earth gets toasted by the sun turning into a red giant.

    The sea is no more “acidifying” than the tea I forgot about half an hour ago is freezing (or freezifying, or whatever).

  5. Valid points above, but even if there was a significant problem and this was a partial solution, it would not be acceptable. Solutions that do not involve restrictions on our lifestyles are of no interest to the green Gauleiters.

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