To be filed under interesting if true

Does your race determine your biological age? Controversial research claims black people age more quickly – and are up to THREE YEARS older in health terms

Researchers say black people appear to be biologically three years older older than whites
Biological age differences by race increase up until ages 60-69, and then decline
Higher biological ages among blacks fully account for their higher mortality risk

Difficult though, eh?

Wonder if they corrected for poverty or not?

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  1. What “black people” are we talking about?

    We know that some people living in Kenya/Ethiopia/Somalia are good at long-distance running because of the life there. Those with the ability to do so got naturally selected. We could probably assume that not being able to grasp swimming would be bad for people living in Cornwall. That’s not about being white, but being in Cornwall.

    So here’s a question: what’s the effect of 200 years of slavery in America and the selective breeding that took place, and did it make them different from black Africans? It’d be interesting to try this study in various areas of Africa or the Caribbean and see if you got the same results.

  2. The paper is based on a US sample (n = 7,644). They correct for socioeconomics status (well education), smoking, BMI.

  3. @Anon 11:08

    Michael Johnson, the US sprinter, made a TV programme about this very hypothesis. It was on BBC before the Olympics AFAIR. He considered the modern pre-eminence of Afro-American & Afro-Caribbean athletes and the thesis that the horrendous conditions imposed by 17th & 18thC slavery acted as powerful selection pressure. It was all a bit anecdotal, and were it not for the inevitable accusations of racism, it would probably make a good PhD project.

  4. Tractor Gent,

    I don’t see why it’s racist. Is it racist to say that Sherpas have different genes because some of them adapted to altitude and some didnt? Altitude is an external force to them, and to slaves in the US and Canada, a slave master that wanted physically strong slaves would be an external force to the genetics of the slave population.

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