Woo hoo! Lightning fast internet!

I’m now, in my Portuguese country hideaway, able to get 6 Mbits!

Of course, I was always supposed to be getting this but the router was 5-6 years old and there’s been something of a runaround with Portugal Telecom (not a bad one, just being passed from dept to dept but all done in two days) over why I was actually only getting 700 kb.

We are rural, we’re the last people at the end of the chain from the exchange, but still. But this morning! New router! Blazing speeds!

I might even allow the browser to download the pictures again!

11 thoughts on “Woo hoo! Lightning fast internet!”

  1. I do wish my ISP would stop hassling me to upgrade. The latest…

    “We hope you are enjoying your 300Mb/s service, we can now offer your our 1000Mb/s service” 🙂

  2. What you have gained in speed you will lose in productivity. Fast downloading opens up a new world of ways to waste time.

  3. bloke (not) in spain

    Wait until the kids are off school before you get too excited. Contention ratios
    Puts me in mind of my Spanish mobile dongle. Comes up as a 4Mb/sec service. I’ve speed checked it at 8Kb/sec*
    Comes of using pigeons as a vital part of the data trunk.

    *Until I inadvertently connected with a torrent client open. Blew a month’s worth of data allowance on downloading a Rod Stewart concert video for my ditzy neighbour, in 20 minutes. How’d it know, FFS?

  4. “I might even allow the browser to download the pictures again!”

    I suggest not – you will see how smug Ritchie really looks…

  5. I never suffer contention problems. But that depends on whether you pay for a decent service or one of these bargain basement “unlimited for £1 a month” ones.

  6. Interesting market dynamics in the old country.

    We’ve just been upgraded for free by BT to fibre which means we now have 300Mbps down and 150Mbps up (roughly) from about a quarter of that three months ago.

    We didn’t ask. They said, after a few suggestions, “we are coming to upgrade your service at no cost on *this* date”. And they did.

    I think they are trying to lock in their market share by giving freebies away to destroy the value of Virgin/Sky’s competitive upgrade offering.

    No objection to that, Virgin being pure cr*p.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I have a 10 Mbps service, and it really seems to be uncontended – the bandwidth meter in the menubar when I have a well-seeded torrent pegs at 1.2 MB/s. But by golly it’s expensive at about £55 a month. If I turn my iPhone into a hotspot I get roughly 4 MBps, and my provider is advertising 4GLTE at 12 Mbps.

  8. You should try living in China. Half the time you’re lucky if the damn thing works. Rest of the time you’re running an already slow connection through a VPN for snail paced downloads.

  9. Never mind that, Tim. Tell us the important stuff. Does your Kindle work OK now it’s back home?

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