A good description of the row over the new Clerk to the House

First time I’ve seen it properly explained. Worth reading.

But a description which leaves us wondering why Bercow is doing this. My assumption is that if the aide who is meant to know the details of the rules does not then this gives Bercow more power over how to interpret those rules.

4 thoughts on “A good description of the row over the new Clerk to the House”

  1. It’s just one more step in the dumbing down of parliamentary procedure, with the ones doing the reforming having little to no idea about the positions they’re meddling with. That twat Blair drove a coach and horses through centuries of parliamentary procedure without having the faintest idea what he was dicking with (probably dismissing it as beneath him to do so), and Cameron appears to be following suit.

  2. A good piece but its author, Max Davidson, is a little naive when imagining a scenario in which the new clerk is unable to advise the Speaker.

    The imagined situation presupposes that John Bercow agrees that parliamentary precedents and procedures should govern the business of the House of Commons rather than the will of J Bercow.

    One can understand why he might want to have a woman as clerk because the appalling Sally is looking more like a man with every day that passes.

  3. Presumably the last thing you want when you’re making up the rules to suit your own ends is someone who actually knows how the system should work, and can quote all the precedents to back it up. This way Bercow can make some ruling on some matter or other, and Mills will have to back him up because she hasn’t got a clue and owes her job to his patronage. Thus Bercow can straight faced declare to the House that the Clerk has decreed that his ruling is correct by Parliamentary rules, and no-one will be able to do a thing about it.

  4. Don’t know much about this myself, but have a look at Guido (order-order.com) for what looks like good info. Guido suggests that Bercow’s ploy is “deminish and rule”.
    It is also reported that Mill is under investigation for dogey dealings in her previous job. Bercow convened and chaired the committee that selected her – maybe she’s just the right pawn for his plan.

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