And the racism reverse ferret arrives

But I’d go further. In a subtle way, such a claim – and indeed similar invocations of political correctness – represent a kind of racism. For what is being implied when a council or police force say they cannot stop a ring of men raping children? It is that there is a class of people who are different from the rest, a category that sits somehow outside, if not above, the law because of their race. That was the message of the policeman who told that frightened group in east London that his hands were tied: the usual laws don’t apply to that lot.

At the very least, the effect of such talk is racially divisive. It pits one group against another. It says to white people in Rotherham: “We’ll come after you, but we can’t go after them. Thanks to the PC brigade, that lot are untouchable. They are different.” So in reaching for a handy excuse for their own incompetence, the authorities of Rotherham have sprinkled petrol onto an already incendiary situation.

Lucky we have such casuists to explain things to us properly, eh?

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  1. He claims later that the majority of Muslims would want paedophiles to be hunted down so no-one would accuse the police of racism. He is being clearly racist if he thinks that among the distressingly large of lawyers who will use lies and slander in attempts to prevent the conviction of guilty criminals there is not a single Pakistani or Muslim (NB the two terms are not identical as any Arab will be able to explain).

  2. The Guardian has been churning out loads of these articles. These are the writers who have been screaming ‘racist’ at anyone who might question their multicultural utopian vision and are now in massive, massive, denial about it and their role in it. It would be funny if it wasn’t on the back of such awful suffering.

  3. It is just an attempt at damage limitation. Out of their hatred of freedom, markets and the native white British, the left has taken on too many client groups (mostly not at the instigation of the ordinary members of those groups). At some point a clash/collision was inevitable. The radfems created a white-hot (pun intended) paedo panic as the work of many years. Now the pro-islamists (prob a division of the anti-white gang) have tripped over it. Yes–real paedos should be severely dealt with but the extent of the stoked up rage (brought on by years of sterling propaganda panic work by radfems) has got people so mad that they are openly attacking PC–and the left as the protectors/enablers–although far too few folks really see the full connection to socialist evil and hypocrisy.

  4. The left are circling the plug hole looking for a way out of this one. Elsewhere in the same piece:

    “To Muir, PC sounded like a rather convenient excuse. How much easier for police or council officials who had neglected their duty to blame the terrifying commissars of political correctness rather than admit they messed up.”

    So the suggestion is not that The State (via Police, Social Workers and Council Workers) are racist, but the PC excuses were a shroud for gross incompetence.

    Ahh…that’s OK then. I thought for a moment the popular narrative was going to end up critical of State institutions but no. They are only criminally negligent.

  5. Comparing the extravagant waste of resources in pursuing hearsay about groping by ancient celebs versus the ongoing industrial scale abuse of underclass and working class girls in grotty towns by a protected species of voter, reveals very sickeningly the priorities of our Common Purpose classes. They would far rather be seen to be doing something than actually do something. Time for a mass stripping of pensions and posts. Why pay for them if they won’t protect the public rather than themselves?

  6. So Muslims want paedophiles hunted down? So thing would be hot for the prophet Muhammed if he were alive today!

  7. Ljh.. do you not think the whole celebrity paedo panic was concocted precisely because the depravity of Rotherham, Oxford et al was going to come out..

    It gives the left the power of Whataboutery… “See it’s not just Pakistani muslims…”

  8. These kind of articles and their filling the airwaves of the BBC and ilk are excellent news. They constitute an increasingly desperate Chemical Ali feeling to the intelligentsia of the country and, best of all, people are starting to notice.

    I suspect that those of us who grew disillusioned with the BBC et al in the last decade or so we’re simply the canaries in the coal mine of the MSM world. More and more often I meet people who – even thought they class themselves as unthinkingly left-wing – are completely bemused by the picture of the world that the BBC, charity, MSM, gov, and quangocracy present as ‘reality’.

  9. I suppose this should have been expected. If you make the term ‘racist’ one of the most powerful badges of dishonour in society then you are handing that power to the people in a position to make claims of racism, and by definition they won’t always share your values. That’s the rod that the liberals have shafted themselves with.

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