Australia has rednecks too

SPORTING tattoos and an Australian flag singlet, “Insane Shane” was filmed being willingly shot at by his friend in an “idiotic” Jackass-style prank gone wrong.

THE Adelaide friend, Michael Ciantar, was spared an immediate jail term on Friday for the type of stunt described by magistrate David Whittle as being “apparently fashionable in some quarters”.
The 20-year-old had pleaded guilty in Adelaide magistrates court to discharging a firearm, being reckless as to whether a person would be harmed.

He fired his air rifle at Shane Lewis, nicknamed Insane Shane, wounding him in the upper arm at a Brahma Lodge gathering on February 27.

“What you did carried with it an immediate and very real risk of serious injury,” the magistrate said before suspending a six-month jail term and placing him on an 18-month good behaviour bond.

Mr Lewis had asked Ciantar to shoot him, after bragging about pranks on the TV show Jackass and referring to yabbies being placed on his nipples.

“For him, it was a display of machismo,” Mr Whittle said.

“You suggested you could shoot him in the bottom, but he wanted to be shot in the arm.”

The shooting was filmed by an onlooker on Ciantar’s mobile phone.

Traditionally these things open with a “Hold my beer and watch this” and end with an attempt at a Darwin Award…….

9 thoughts on “Australia has rednecks too”

  1. Being a resident of Queensland, I strongly resemble your assertion that people from South Australia can be rednecks, they’re just thick.

  2. bloke (not) in spain

    @Doc B
    Essex is just as bad.
    Puts me in mind of the grand sport of Marque Diving.
    Biker mate used to host a monster August Bank Holiday bash, would pull the wild ‘n wonderful from…well.. most of Europe at times. Featured impromptu bands, numerous kegs of Abbot Ale, flaming bar-b’s incinerating the odd pig or two, wet T-shirt contests for the cultural aspect & centered itself round a giant marque. The “hold me beer, watch this” feature was to stand on the ridge pole, sling oneself into space, bounce from the taut canvas & be caught by the onlookers. Credit to be awarded for style & distance traveled.
    Enter Mick, drunk as a sack. Climbed to the ridge OK. Stood, arms stretched, shouts of “Go for it Mick!” Overbalanced backwards & disappeared. Reappeared some moments later, resumed stance & launched. Trouble was, by this time the catchers had dispersed to recharge beer mugs. Remarkable effort though. Must have flown over 20ft. But the landing was problematic. Took it all in good humour but he was definitely limping around, thereafter. Subsequent hospital X-rays showed lower leg fractured in two places.

  3. Air-rifle isn’t a firearm anyway.

    “Bad” behaviour notwithstanding, Aus is still becoming another police-state shithole even after getting rid of that cow Gilard . The new puke has announced a whole new raft of 600 millions worth of domestic snooping measures–cos the whole country is in deadly danger from flat beer–sorry, terrorism.

    NuLabour –BluLabour–the story is always the same–piss on them all.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    My mate and I used to toddle around with a .410 shotgun when we were about 11. That is when we weren’t blowing stuff up with powder we’d extracted from shotgun cartridges. Neither of us got shot or lost any digits. Another mate and I went lamping rabbits, aged 16, with a scoped-up, suppressed rifle, crawling around fields in camo gear at two in the morning. That would get the Flying Pigs scrambled these days. We have a become a sad, etiolated, risk-averse culture in just a few decades.

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