Be worried: this woman has the vote

Lynette Rae Sampson was unhappy about the quality of the methamphetamine she had bought and called the police to complain.


Not for much longer, true, as convicted felons in the US lose their franchise. but scary to think that someone with that few brains actually got to choose who had their finger on the red button, no?

9 thoughts on “Be worried: this woman has the vote”

  1. It has been said that the strongest argument against democracy is to take look at the electorate.

    More seriously, that is why freedom is more important than democracy; sadly, a point never ever made in the MSM.

  2. I think an even more important qualification for voting is to exist, unlike so many postal voters in Tower Hamlets and dead ones in the USA.

  3. I’m pretty sure that people that dim don’t bother to vote or are too stoned to realise there’s an election on.

  4. Well given she’s an afficianado of crank, I’m going to hazard a guess that she was high as a fucking kite (though not high enough apparently) when she called the constables to leave a consumer review.

    Silly yes, but we’ve all done stupid things whilst mashed.

  5. Unfortunately, here in Aus, such people are compelled to vote with the threat of having some of their drug money taken off them. They will vote for whoever promises them the most which is why in Aus, elections are a huge exercise in pork barrelling in key seats. Parties don’t produce manifestos, the leaders travel around the marginals making announcements in each as to some new spending commitment that will benefit the locals. Policy is made on the run, often in response to an opponent’s scare stories. The current government cannot adequately cut public spending because it rashly promised to maintain various unfounded spending promises made by the previous mob.

  6. Has the right to vote.
    Whether she could find her way to the polling station on the right day and put an x in a box is another matter.

  7. She should have called Trading Standards. It’s a bloody scandal how adulterated the drugs are these days.

  8. Other people call the police when their burgers are not prepared to their liking.

    Perhaps in their own modest way, these incidents just reflect the spreading mind-set that the government has the answer to all your problems.

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