Because it’s already happened to Stroud

Disaster movies keep trashing New York. Why not Stroud?

17 thoughts on “Because it’s already happened to Stroud”

  1. 3D movies are wasted on Stroud and the rest of Gloucestershire for that matter; the one-eyed idiots just wouldn’t get it.

  2. Giant lizard rampages through Stroud, causing millions of pounds worth of improvements.

    (And yes, I have lived there)

  3. Stroud doesn’t need Godzilla, local government has done enough damage already.

    (And yes, I have lived there too.)

  4. When not en France, I live sort of equidistant between Stroud and Cirencester. Cirencester is obviously prettier and has better shopping etc, but there’s not that much wrong with Stroud. Great farmers market – I know, I know – on a Saturday, a largely live and let live bohemian atmosphere, newly enlarged Waitrose, good pub on the hill up to Rodborough, where the common is very pleasant. And – Ironman – a cinema with 3D screens. Wouldn’t want to live there, but it’s no hellhole.

    Though that boho atmos does lead lots of people not to immunise their kids, which in turn leads to lots of nasty childhood illnesses appearing now and then.

    Incidentally, anyone who has not read Queenan’s Imperial Caddy should do so forthwith.

  5. G.I.Joe 2 destroyed central London (granted it’s blink and you’ll miss it) and Thor 2 made a mess of Greenwich, so it’s not always New York.

  6. Jonathan

    That’s just rude!

    As opposed to my objective analysis of Gloustershire.

    P.s. I should say that I happen to live in Liverpool; I’m not scouse. I did, however, go to secondary school in Bristol (North Somerset). So I am aware of what looking down your nose at your neighbours in Gloucestershire feels like.

  7. Dennis The Peasant

    To answer the original question: Because Hollywood knows that once De Blasio gets done with it no one will be able to tell the difference between a pre- and post-trashed New York City.
    It’s a race against time.

  8. Interested, your right that there’s not much wrong with Stroud, its just that the bits that are wrong are very very wrong.

    (grew up in Nailsworth)

  9. Come to Detroit. See what 3.5 decades of Democrats rules will do what invading army cannot do. Godzilla would not go through there, why bother?

  10. Eh? My cousin and his family live in Stroud. I was there last year for his mother’s funeral. Apart from the rather shoddy shopping centre, it’s a delightful place.

    My cousin tells me that it’s got a lot of Steinerians (anthroposophists) who have a lot of money and influence and are very peaceful gentle people.

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