Bribery takes many forms

Chelsea Clinton is leaving her $600,000-a-year role as an occasional “special correspondent” with NBC News – a position that apparently earned her $26,724 for every minute that she appeared on air.

Amid widespread job cuts in the media industry, her remarkable salary for turning out a handful of feel-good segments provoked dismay and derision when it was revealed earlier this year by the Politico website.

No one at all was paying her for her presentation skills. But the daughter of one President, the daughter of a likely second one (yes, I know, but that is the way to bet currently), yes, that’s a reasonable little bung.

6 thoughts on “Bribery takes many forms”

  1. It’s also a perfectly legal way to make essentially unlimited campaign contributions with other people’s money. It’s the Democrat-Media complex at work.

    It’s the same principle as universities spending students’ fees, for which many of them will have taken on considerable debt, on paying Hillary $250k to speak.

    It’s the Democrat-Media complex at work.

  2. “yes, that’s a reasonable little bung”

    It fucking shouldn’t be Tim. At my age, and even tho’ I know how this shite planet operates, it still pisses me off. A fortune because the stupid little cow is the daughter of two of the most vile and corrupt amongst a gang of the vile and corrupt that would turn Satan’s stomach.

    Lets hope it all kicks off in the Ukraine–cos the sooner this POS planet gets blown up the better.

    Is there an joining fee to become one of those anti-natalists?.

  3. If she’s just acting as a conduit for bribes, she’s obviously learnt something from Hellary’s Cattle Futures episode.

  4. At what point do the consequences of Hilary’s spell as Secretary of State (Libya, an emboldened Putin, Syria and Iraq, an expansive China in the South China Sea) make the name Clinton trigger an automatic gag reflex. As events cascade what deathtoll will she and Obama have racked up with their folly?

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