But isn’t it supposed to be a punishment?

A 37-year-old, currently under house arrest, has asked a judge that he be placed in jail instead because his “constant fighting” with his wife was too much to bear.

The unnamed father-of-three was just three months into his eight-month sentence for a series of minor crimes, but spending his days at home with his wife had proved to be anything but domestic bliss.

The couple’s neighbours had become well aware of their arguments, which police had been brought in to resolve.

Insist he servers the home sentence and extend it……

2 thoughts on “But isn’t it supposed to be a punishment?”

  1. If he says some unpleasant things during those arguments he could find himself charged with spousal abuse, ditto her. If guilty they should both be sentenced to house arrest. More arguments, more spousal abuse, more house arrest, more arguments, more spousal abuse, etc., etc. Eventually, the survivor may enjoy some peace.

  2. Arguing with your wife is fruitless, I’ve totally given it up myself. They will always have the last word in any argument because if you say anything after that it starts a new argument.

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