Calling would be tech journalists

The Register is hiring.

No, I don’t know what the pay rates are but judging by freelance rates there they’ll be vastly better than regional press and comparable at least to national. They’re looking for journalists with technical knowledge but techies who can write would certainly get a look.

You lot all lean rather older than those entry level positions would suit but if there’s children of nephews/nieces out there looking for a first job in journalism this would be a great start. They’re not going to piss about with 6 months as a free intern, not at El Reg.

Actual paying jobs in journalism at this level are like hen’s teeth. If there’s anyone you know looking around for this sort of gig point them to that listing.

Good people to work for.

1 thought on “Calling would be tech journalists”

  1. The Other Bloke in Italy

    An absorbing advertisement.

    “…many more who follow our world-beating coverage of rayguns, atom smashers, killer robots, carefully selected celebrities, zeppelins, spaceships and garden-shed engineering breakthroughs.”

    Just about covers it, I think.

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