Entirely rational behaviour here

Trying to discipline your children is a challenge for any parent…especially if your spouse then undermines all your hard work by spoiling them with gifts.

But when you have four offspring by four different fathers like Ulrika Johnsson, it seems that agreeing on some basic parenting ground rules becomes virtually impossible.

As long as those fathers are providing for those children (as they seem to be) then it’s entirely rational behaviour to have all the children by different fathers. Maximises the gene mix among her offspring.

This also applies to those whose children are being provided for by the State of course, with those multiple baby daddies. As Gary Becker delight in pointing out, incentives matter even when it comes to the formation of families.

5 thoughts on “Entirely rational behaviour here”

  1. So the state steps in and provides a (from the mother’s view) desirable alternative to having the actual father around as provider. No need to put up with partner’s socks on the floor, or putting out when you have a headache. Of course the state doesn’t (yet) actually provide the sperm but it does seem to be making male humans as obsolete as male spiders.

  2. “Says she welcomes Government scheme to put age ratings on music videos”

    Why? Is she worried her daughter might watch raunchy pop videos, then grow up to have four kids by four different men?

  3. This thread seems to regard real marriage as a non starter. Cultural marxism is now the accepted ideology?

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