Fate is fickle at times, eh?

A woman who had survived breast cancer died while fulfilling her ‘bucket list’ dream of riding a horse along a beach.

Geraldine Jones, 51, had only recently been given the all-clear after four years of chemotherapy when she was fatally injured on a beach in South Wales.

4 thoughts on “Fate is fickle at times, eh?”

  1. 12 years ago in Australia the local press was full of the story of Germany sisters who had survived the Bali bomb unscathed only to go swimming in a Croc infested billabong. That”s not really fate though is it.

  2. http://www.nt.gov.au/justice/ntmc/docs/judgements/2004/ntmc094.html

    How incompetent was the tour guide who suggested they took the fatal swim?

    (I’d say that anybody in the group who ignored the prominent signs was being an idiot too, but it’s a well-known psychological result that people tend to over-trust and over-obey anything resembling an “authority figure”. It’s a damned shame as a species that we don’t kick up as much as we ought.)

  3. When my daughter said she’d like to ride a horse I told her to take up motorcycle racing instead; it’s safer.

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