First world problem

Shoplifting is on the rise around the country amid fears parents are struggling to put meals on the table during the school summer holidays

Charities say increasing numbers of families are turning to food banks – but one middle-class mother took to the radio today to tell how she stole from a shop to get better quality meals.

The mother-of-two, who asked not be named, said she took eggs, butter and bacon to feed her children because food bank food is ‘not fresh enough’.

When the free food just isn’t fresh enough for you….definitely a first world problem.

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  1. Now, why is it that I suspect the usual scorn with which a ‘Daily Mail’ story (especially one illustrated by anecdote) is greeted in left-wing circles will be totally absent for once?

  2. I’ll grant you it does sound terribly guardianista, but the lady would have had a point if she’d been stealing fruit and veg. The foodbanks don’t claim to be providing healthy food – the point is that any food is better than no food. And that’s not a first world problem.

  3. I heard this interview. What no one has flagged up is that when asked why she started thieving food, she said that the bailiffs were in for council tax, and a parking fine was also due. So according to the lady, it was the STATE (local government) that caused this problem in the first place.

    That the state can rob food from children’s plates is unbelievable. Fines like this are bound to impact worst on the poorest people.

  4. “So according to the lady, it was the STATE (local government) that caused this problem in the first place.”

    What, the council took her car & parked it illegally? Or forced her to budget so poorly she didn’t have money left for council tax?


  5. I’m no big fan of food banks, doing so little to resolve the issues (3 days food up to 3 times in total – 9 days food doesn’t solve much).
    And what do they do to improve freshness? Nothing.
    What do they do to provide the necessary? Not much.

    Rather like the old food banks we used to have – the butter mountain, wine lake, corned beef hill and so on.

  6. It’s her middle classness that makes it OK, as well as handwringium. If she were chav class she should be strung up for it and it wouldn’t be a sign of a failed society.

  7. JuliaM, if you have never had the state come looking for you, you are very lucky. After the Brown-inspired crash of 2007-8 I was living hand-to-mouth for quite a while, and have had many run-ins with these delightfully bureaucratic gentlemen and ladies. If I ever had a similar run-in with a commercial organisation – gas,elec etc, it was always resolved with some understanding and allowance of leeway, but with the state, that they CAN proceed to enforcement usually makes them much harsher to deal with.

    Also, parking a car “illegally” is very easy to do, the laws arounds cars are so complex and hidden that you can never win. You are lucky to have lived such a sheltered life, I suspect that if you had been the state official concerned, enforcement would have been your pleasure ?

  8. Alan Douglas: “Also, parking a car “illegally” is very easy to do, the laws arounds cars are so complex and hidden that you can never win. “

    Never had a parking ticket in my life. Maybe because I never prioritised parking right next to the place I was visiting over parking legally..?

  9. @JuliaM lucky you, I got a parking ticket for parking outside my front door in an approved residential parking zone whilst having a permit.

    My car got smashed so I had a courtesy car delivered, outside my house, and the council immediately ticketed it, when I explained the situation they refused to refund me because it wasn’t registered.

    Just to top the farce, it was a council lorry that smashed my car in the first place.

  10. A guy I know, through various circumstances, is on long-term sickness benefit here in the UK. He has 3 voracious teenage lads who live a few miles away with their mother but spend many days/nights around his flat – on average he has a kid or two a night.

    So on benefits for one, he feeds healthy food in amounts that teenagers need, pays the extra utility fees needed and manages to save enough for the odd treat for his kids.

    He reckons it’s a privilege to live in a welfare state.

    This woman is a thief. If it wasn’t for her children, her benefits should be withdrawn.

  11. JuliaM>

    Maybe to do with which councils you park in. Some are much worse than others.

    I ran across this one the other day:

    So tell me, you’re in a hurry on a Sunday afternoon to get to the shops before they shut; are you allowed to park there?

    And, by the way, that would be the kind of space you’re talking about when you mention not parking right next to your destination.

  12. Dave: “So tell me, you’re in a hurry on a Sunday afternoon to get to the shops before they shut; are you allowed to park there?”

    That’s why I shop in supermarkets with their own carparks…

  13. Runcie, did you not use the option of a visitor’s permit? I have a drive, but when we have visitors who plan on staying, I simply use this option.

    Mayb all councils don’t have them, but I’d have thought they did.

    Did the council compensate you for the damage, at least?

  14. Dave, they are open until 4pm on a Sunday afternoon around here.

    Parking, never managed to get a ticket while I was a driver, my wife managed to get one once – and only when using a blue badge. So two people, 35+ years of driving between us and one parking ticket. So yes, can avoid getting them.

  15. There’s delicious and nourishing fresh fruit growing in the hedgerows the length and breadth of the UK, it’s free, and all you need is a plastic box to take your haul home. Blackberries, plump, black, glossy, sweet as anything. They’ve been available for the past two weeks, and will continue ripening for maybe another two weeks.

    As for the food banks, they should be primarily supplying non-perishables, foods with long shelf lives, toilet rolls, soap, toothpaste, nappies, tinned meat, fish, fruit and veg, cereals, flour, sugar, butter, tea, coffee, bottles of pop, cartons of juice, baby formula, maybe spuds, onions and root veg.
    The money you didn’t have to spend on those things, can be spent on the fresh perishables.

  16. “she took eggs, butter and bacon because food bank food is ‘not fresh enough’”

    Bacon? She is complaining that the bacon isn’t fresh enough? Bacon is a form of curing, invented so that it lasts a long time.

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