Mates are mates, right?

And I count myself lucky to have a mate on the distaff side.

My life is better, more interesting, for knowing people across the rich panoply of humanity. Other than actually knowing socialists or the like may I hope that your life is similarly enriched?

12 thoughts on “Mates are mates, right?”

  1. Why not hang out with socialists? Did not our lord set the example by associating with theives and tax-gatherers in order to save them?

  2. That’s because thieves and tax-gatherers can be redeemed, socialists and self-appointed tax experts are beyond redemption.

  3. DocBud. You and me both. They must know each other in meatspace and that’s what gives it a significance we don’t understand.

  4. So wtf are you all talking about then? Is this just because someone is a tranny? What’s with the ‘someone sussed me’ and the internet dog?

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