Not an argument with merit

One Briton a fortnight is choosing suicide at Dignitas, as campaigners say it is unethical to force terminally ill people abroad to die

Atchurly, if people decide to disobey the law of the land then it’s entirely logical to ask that they go do so in some other land.

That has nothing to do with what ought to be the law of the land of course. But since it is as it is then entirely moral…..

5 thoughts on “Not an argument with merit”

  1. I hope it isn’t in bad taste to point this out but “it is unethical to force terminally ill people abroad to die” is appalling English (probably newspaper space requirements to blame). If you’re terminally ill then you’re going to die regardless of where you go, or not… I appreciate the point is that people who seek death in a manner they particularly desire feel compelled to head overseas, but it still reads awfully.

    Does everybody who goes to Dignitas have a terminal illness? My memory banks suggest they’ve taken Brits with conditions that “limit life” even if they had full life expectancy, but memory is fallible.

  2. Interesting, BB & MBE

    If it’s against the law of this land but not that land, can you be prosecuted in this land for something you did in that land?

    Raises something of a problem bringing those ISIS murderers to justice.

  3. bif,

    I think there is a specific law about going overseas for terror purposes but not one that says you can’t aid and abet suicide overseas.


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