Not exactly a surprise

The Apprentice star Karren Brady will be made a Tory peer in the latest round of appointments to the House of Lords, it has emerged.

David Cameron is to hand a peerage as early as next week to the West Ham United boss and millionaire businesswoman, who last year ruled out becoming an MP or possible successor to Boris Johnson as Mayor of London in what was seen as a blow to the Conservatives.

She was always going to get to the top.

Although I would guess that this is the first person to have worked with David Sullivan who has made it to the Lords?

3 thoughts on “Not exactly a surprise”

  1. Why bother with that tiresome getting elected thing, when you can just get a seat handed to you. See also; the rest of the parade of crap baronesses.

  2. Bryony Worthington as a case in point, unelected unaccountable, inexperienced environmental activist elevated to our second chamber…..

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