Of course you can choose your own EU Commissioners….

As long as they’re the ones I approve of.….

Britain will be denied a key role in the European Commission this week unless David Cameron replaces his male candidate with a woman, the body’s new president has indicated.

Jean-Claude Juncker on Monday expressed his frustration that “despite my repeated requests”, most governments, including Britain, have put forward men for the most important positions in Europe.

He warned that the European Commission would be “neither legitimate nor credible” without more women and said that female candidates would have “a very good chance” of getting one of the top jobs.

Choosing some bird simply because she is a bird is how we got Margot Walstrom remember…..

14 thoughts on “Of course you can choose your own EU Commissioners….”

  1. After Cameron^s failed lobbying the UK will be lucky to get the Commission for Paperclips.

    So we might as well offer them a complete dud, preferably one with rumours of involvement on historic sex crimes.

  2. Sometimes when you lose a fight you started you have to suck it up real good.

    @bif, the UK has always sent never-weres to the commission. Come on, Kinnock, Mandelson, Britten, Patten, and so on. Not even the has-beens that most countries send, but never-weres-in-the-first-place.

  3. Wasn’t Lady Ashcan a woman ? And hasn’t that led to some caution on the part of the EU ? Will they never learn ?

  4. We already know that Juncker’s useless after lunsch. Maybe we should lobby to get the afternoon shift.

    Might his plea for female commissioners reveal that he also has Lord Rennard syndrome?

  5. Whereas it will, of course, be completely legitimate and credible if they appoint a woman whom everyone knows is there only because of her gender.

    We are, as you have observed before, ruled by idiots.

  6. Juncker seems to be hoping for something that’s impossible. The European Commission will never be legitimate or credible, regardless of who is appointed to it, or their gender.

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