On Kate Bush’s return to the stage

You suspect that even if she hadn’t, the audience would have lapped it up. Audibly delighted to be in the same room as her, they spend the first part of the show clapping everything she does: no gesture is too insignificant to warrant a round of applause. It would be cloying, but for the fact that Bush genuinely gives them something to cheer about.

Let’s be honest about it. She could have walked on stage, ripped a smelly one and still got a standing ovation.

11 thoughts on “On Kate Bush’s return to the stage”

  1. I noticed that the Telegraph is reporting that all eleven of her albums are due to re-enter the top 100 this week, which I’m pretty sure is a reflection of the fact that most of those with tickets for these gigs are having to buy everything except, perhaps, Hounds of Love, just so they have at least a vague of what they’ll be listening to.

  2. I think Unity has something there.

    She seems to have done that thing of acquiring “national treasure” status despite nobody much really being fans, like Kylie and Sir Cliff. And Rolf. Ooh.

    I bet most of the audience only know the one that’s something about Wubbling Tights Eat Cliffs, that one.

  3. There are many things about the UK that baffle me, and the popularity of Kate Bush is right up there near the top. Upon hearing her albums I have never quite been able to shake the thought that there’s someone in the sound booth giving her a good goose as she’s singing.

  4. You had to be a teenage boy growing up in the Eighties to really appreciate Kate Bush beyond just her music, if you know what I mean.

  5. @Ian B

    I don’t think it’s really about Kate’s status as an artist, let alone as some sort of “National Treasure”.

    The status element here is really a matter of a certain type and class of people acquiring tickets to her first full live shows in 35 years as validation of their own self-presumed status.

    It’s a bit of oneupmanship for the kind of middle class poseurs who really have no more than a casual interest in music, what I tend to think of the “One CD” crowd because for any given artist with a decent critical/public reputation that’s precisely what they own, and always from an entirely predictable list of artists/albums; Tubular Bells, Dark Side of the Moon. Hounds of Love, Graceland, Sgt Peppers, Legend, Ziggy, etc.

  6. Well, Running Up That Hill remains one of the greatest songs of the last 40 years and the Placebo cover is even better

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Kate Bush falls into that category of ‘interesting’ female vocalists that people tend to either love or hate. Also on the list: Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Tanita Tikaram, k. d. lang, Janis Ian. I tend to have quite a soft spot for them. With the Internet, the cost of entry to listening to most music has essentially fallen to zero, so checking out some of the stuff of hers you hadn’t heard before might be rewarding. Or you might hate it.

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