So Ritchie tells us the NHS simply cannot be managed at all

Firstly, there is the simple and well known fact that when any issue is made for the target of attention behaviour towards it change. This is in the case of physics an idea enshrined in the uncertainty principle. In management it is well known that the moment you measure something it is automatically assumed that the issue has a higher priority than other issues. Inevitably, and almost invariably because management really do only measure things that are important to them, real on the ground behaviour changes to improve recorded performance. So, managers will undoubtedly be increasing their efforts to promote private medicine as a result.

Second, and as obviously, directors of NHS trusts also want to appease those to whom they report – which are not really the communities they serve but are actually the NHS’s senior management and, in turn, Jeremy Hunt, whose reputation for micro- management is well known. That means they too will really focus on this issue.

So the NHS cannot in fact be managed at all, can it? Not by targets, not by anything?

10 thoughts on “So Ritchie tells us the NHS simply cannot be managed at all”

  1. And he gets better. In his first ‘tax expert’ response to a comment he tells us that not charging VAT on a service is “a subsidy”.

    Forget about tax expert, he is a breathtaking genius.

  2. Very easy to reform and improve the “world envy ” NHS. It is so simple I can’t think why it has not been done.
    You make it a condition of state employees, civil servants, local government officials, all MP’s, all in the house of lords mandatory on pain of losing their jobs and pensions that they are forbidden to use the private health sector. They have to use the NHS without priority or preferment. After all their in charge the resulting change would be instant.

  3. bloke (not) in spain

    Well he certainly hasn’t grasped the Uncertainty Principle. It’s the object of observation that’s changed by the act of observation. That the observer changes was never uncertain.

  4. I have tried to adopt the Schrodinger’s Cat analogy Murphy implies to Murphy himself.

    I do not look at his blog knowing that leaves him in an unknown half-alive half-dead state. When, in future I do have to look at his blog because of some particularly outrageous comment he has made that someone here has noted, I may discover his demise. By looking at his blog, I might have caused that demise.

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Murphy proves as useless at physics as he does at economics. Unfortunately, b(n)is, what you describe isn’t the uncertainty principle either. That’s the observer effect. What Murphy is banging on about I have no idea and I can’t really think of a physical analogy except possibly the loading effect in electronics (it’s a stretch but then Murphy is a cretin).

    The uncertainty principle says that there is an irreducible error term associated with the simultaneous measurement of two quantum mechanical properties that are related in a certain fashion. If the dimension of the product of the two properties (x and y, say) is that of angular momentum (J•s) then the combined uncertainty in that measurement is necessarily greater than Planck’s constant divided by 4π, ΔxΔy ≥ h/4π. This is not due to technical limitations on the measurement equipment but a fundamental characteristic of quantum mechanical observables. At its heart, it’s to do with the fact that the sum of the lengths of two sides of a triangle is always greater than the length of the third side (that’s hand-waving, but essentially a simplification of the so-called Cauchy-Schwartz inequality).

  6. I suppose this is as close as we’ll ever get to Ritchie acknowledging and accepting public choice theory.

  7. john77

    Murphy is a shit and will never remember that fact. You may or may not like Cameron. It doesn’t matter; he and his family have shown their view on the NHS. Shits like Murphy, however, don’t need to worry about facts when they can just go on repeating their ‘truth’. And they needn’t worry that the rest of them regard them as lies.

  8. Irommam

    You don’t know the first thing about the nhs and you know it. You go around swearing about others that do without any basis.

    Fuck off and learn something.

  9. Nothing to do with fancy theories in physics, it is called gaming the system.

    For example: told to reduce waiting lists on procedure X… stop doing procedure X, instead refer patients to hospital down the road. This also saves budget.

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