Something good in The Guardian

Not to be outdone, the endlessly asinine “explanatory journalism” site Vox informed us that “If the supercontinent Pangaea spontaneously reunited, the US would border the Ebola epidemic”.

6 thoughts on “Something good in The Guardian”

  1. If the supercontinent Pangaea spontaneously reunited, we’d have more to worry about than the bloody Ebola epidemic.

  2. Vox is hilarious – I’m glad the Guardian has finally noticed. The interesting thing is that (obviously) it’s a leftist site, so perhaps this is evidence that they are turning on each other in the race for international clicks. Good news.

  3. What the author of that piece fails to realise is that the biggest defence against any deadly virus is not medical, but it is communication.

    Knowing where the illness is and isolating it is key to controlling and limiting its spread.

    So we _should_ be concerned and worried about Ebola, or any virus, because if we don’t know about it then it will spread.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Drooling cretin Matt Yglesias squatted, bore down and expelled the following mucus-covered bolus as a look of concentration passed across his face: apparently in an age of mass communication, time zones are superfluous. We should all move to GMT, so that when it’s 9 am in London, it’s 9 am in Los Angeles, despite it being pitch fucking dark. I kid you not. There really is no cure for this sort of stupidity, except being hit repeatedly with a football sock full of shit and doorknobs.

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