Telegraph subs…..

A perversity that discredits true human rights

seo rich standfirst EMBARGOED Philip Johnston


Err, yes, we know you like to use SEO rich standfirsts. But, err, shouldn’t you actually use SEO rich standfirsts?

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  1. Been there, done it. An occupational hazard of sub editing: you’re in a rush and you glance at a screen or a proof and convince yourself that all is well, hit send and move on to the next thing. The answer is to always get at least one other person to look at it. Trouble with the poor old Telegraph, once the greatest newspaper in the world, is that it has been so battered and gutted by the cost-cutting gangsters who run it now that sometimes there isn’t another person to look at things. Sad.

  2. I’m surprised the publishing software can’t be told to flash up a warning if certain words or phrases are left in when an attempt at submission is made – “seo rich standfirst” and capitalised “EMBARGOED” being prime candidates. At least force a second eyeball check before resubmission …

  3. SBML: But we all know that if the online news media had a link saying “report an error on this page”, they’d be inundated. The BBC used to and stopped, I suspect, for precisely this reason.

    The Telegraph’s better howler, from today, is the news article ( almost entirely plagiarised from James Landale’s story ( It’s utterly flagrant.

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