That French police cocaine mystery might have a solution

A French narcotics police officer was arrested at the weekend on suspicion of stealing more than 50 kg (110lb) of confiscated cocaine from the Paris police headquarters in a case that has become a major embarrassment for the force.

Although I was wrong, he’s gone to Perpignan, not Switzerland

4 thoughts on “That French police cocaine mystery might have a solution”

  1. Perpignan is only 100 miles from Andorra. Is Andorra what Murph calls a “secrecy jurisdiction”? I’ve never heard it referred to as such, but it seems like the kind of place that ought to be.

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I do so hate it when news reports on things like this say the X kilos of charlie or crystal meth seized were “worth” Y million pounds or whathaveyou. Unless the rozzers are going to start dealing the stuff then it’s worth bugger all. I doubt even the naughty flic in question would have been able to shift it for anything like that. Street value is incredibly variable anyway. Round these parts that lot would be worth about £300,000.

  3. The streat value is indeed what the police estimate it would be if the stuff have been distributed at street level. But then it’ll be cut 15 ways, and go through a couple of layers of distribution channels, which dilutes the profit at each step. The more realistic number is the wholesale value rather than street distribution value. But the wholesale number is ALWAYS lower, thus less sexy than the street number.

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