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At the ASI.

The usual problems with price fixing. Set low prices for NHS drugs and the NHS won’t have any drugs.

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  1. Tim, you shouldn’t rely on the Telegraph for information.

    The three drugs mentioned in the article are all long-since out of patent. The article is muddled, but at least some of the complaints are from doctors “forced to seek versions of drugs produced by other manufacturers”, i.e. they are having to prescribe generic rather than branded versions of out-of-patent drugs. Some patients prefer branded drugs, but we need generic prescribing for competition to work: you, the DoH, and I like competition.

    The DoH has a tariff of prices for out-of-patent drugs, at a level intended to allow pharmacies to make a suitable profit, and it has a scheme for temporarily increasing the price it will pay for generic drugs which are in short supply. The three drugs mentioned are all currently on the “No Cheaper Stock Obtainable” list.

    I’m sceptical that competition for supply across Europe is currently a significant cause of generic drug shortages. I suspect that’s been copied from a story from three years ago when the pound was low against the euro.

  2. Is this like people preferring branded products in the supermarket rather than supermarket own brand which can be exactly the same formula, same factory, merely different label?

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