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At the ASI.

They’re spouting nonsense about washing lines again.

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  1. “as against the longer period of time used with the washing line”: you what? It’s so quick and simple that I’m trusted to do it. It also saves bending, no small consideration these days.

  2. “as against the longer period of time used with the washing line”: you what?

    Assume a typical Scottish summer – it isn’t baking. There is always at least a vague possibility of rain.

    You put the stuff in the tumble dryer – you can go shopping, you can work, you can take a nap, without continually worrying about whether there is going to be a shower etc. Of course, with a washer / dryer, it is “fire and forget”. You don’t have the “remove from washing machine and put in dryer or hang up to dry” step.

    As a note, the only things chez nous that gets preferentially put in the dryer when hanging things out is reasonable are towels.

  3. £18. Spread over a year that’s 40p a week.

    I wonder how much the ‘average family’ would save if the Energy Saving Trust was abolished, it’s staff sacked and their pensions confiscated?

    BTW, what about people in flats? Awkward. What about disabled people in wheelchairs? Tumble driers are great for them.

    Could we please refer to them as ‘Ableist Puritans’?

  4. Another point is that tumble dried stuff is easier to iron so you will save hours over the course of the year…

  5. I’ve had this brilliant idea that could solve the whole washing line/tumble drier debate.

    Let’s take a country, say the UK, and let the people there decide for themselves whether to use the washing line, (if they have one), or the tumble drier or washer drier.

    Allow this experiment to proceed for, say, forty years, then count up the numbers of users who use each method. Then write up our results and throw them away as a useless piece of social research, (or maybe sell them to a market research company who are the only ones really interested in this amazing experiment).

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