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People might say they’re willing to pay more tax for the NHS but they aren’t willing in reality.

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  1. Oh no, they’re willing to spend more money on the NHS: just not their own. Whenever you discuss details with anyone who says they’d be happy to pay more tax if everyone else does, they inevitably think they’d be paying another quid or two per month whilst “the rich” pay “their fair share”.

  2. It’s worse than that. A great many people aren’t even willing to spend their own money on their own healthcare, let alone on wider provision. Britons’ infamous poor teeth are testament to that.

  3. Andrew M:

    It’s because successive generations have been taught to believe that they shouldn’t be expected to. Brits appear to be letting their teeth rot on principle.

  4. bloke (not) in spain

    Not sure we shouldn’t welcome this idea.
    It is, of course, hypothecation of taxes. On which basis we can see the reduction of the foreign aid budget to zero, no more contributions to the EU, the social security spend reduced to small change…

  5. This applies to everything.

    Those who spout about ‘more tax for xxx’ ‘fairness’ and so on ad nauseam instantly change their mind if they are the ones paying for it.

    If you ever want a laugh, let a bunch of teachers drone on about leftie nonsense for a bit, then point out their pension is almost entirely paid for by the state (it is).

    Then suddenly it becomes ‘my right’ ‘what we were promised’ ‘legal entitlement’ etc etc etc

    Twas ever thus

  6. I had been wondering about diverting a bit of my mighty fortune to the NHS. Then it occurred to me that the most deserving beneficiaries are the sterling volunteers at the local teaching hospital. Enquiries reveal that their tangible reward for all their work is a lunch every summer. I think I might subsidise that. Any better ideas?

  7. If you want to give money to the NHS, you can make a donation to the hospital trust of your choice.

    However, when people say they would be willing to pay more tax to fund the NHS, they mean they would agree to increased funding for the NHS paid for by higher taxes generally, including from themselves. Which is quite reasonable, since one ordinarily well-off person’s donation won’t make much difference.

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