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At the ASI.

There’s only been the one economic system that actually delivers what we want from an economic system.

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  1. You make the colossal blunder of thinking that socialists want goods and services.

    They don’t. They want power, the ability to control you and me, in the minutest detail, and to kill us if we disobey.

    If they get that they will have the best the world can provide, impoverished though the world may be as a result of their stupidity, because they will take our stuff. They would rather live less well than now, but better than us, if it gave them the power they crave.

    The same comment can be made about Islamic militants.

  2. @A
    But his point about Islamic militants is inadvertently worthwhile : you cannot impose the stresses and strains of capitalism, the winners and losers, “creative destruction” etc on a very traditional religious society. The Brit had to go through numerous religious wars and conflicts before the industrialisation took hold..and we still had slavery, the abolition of which religious sects had to campaign for.

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