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At the ASI.

The Russians are still having the odd problem working out what sanctions actually harm the other guy, not Russians.

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  1. Not on the Russian piece, but may I be permitted to register my disgust that the ASI has attempted to bring a degree of objectivity and, as we’re dealing here with economics, pseudo-science to the Scottish referendum debate.

    This is a debate which has been characterised by (and make no mistake will be decided on) outright lies, spurious projections, fag-packet calculations, slurs, insults, finger-pointing, racism and media contributions by ignorant, uninformed and clearly pissed luvvies.

    How dare you attempt to raise the tone of the debate about the most important decision we have had to make, ever. Not surprisingly, you’re based in London, having stolen the name of the world’s first and most influential economist from us.

    If yer face aint blue, we dinnae listen tae you!

  2. This is entirely off topic, but is anyone able to translate this?:

    What you do not seem to appreciate – in fact, I know you do not understand – is that the debate you want to pursue and the one that you think I am engaged in is not the one I am actually pursuing

    You seek to play within existing rules

    I seek to change them

    Those are different terms of reference. They make your commentary on issues such as being right or wrong irrelevant: that is only true within the legal space you have sought to define. Within the political economic spaces in which I am operating that does not follow.

  3. Bloke in California

    @ TTG
    I think it means “I’m right, you’re wrong; for reasons you wouldn’t understand”

  4. BiC

    But where are these spaces in which he operates? We know that one of them is three miles deep into the arsehole of a retired accountant, but he suggests there are others. Where are they? If he’s getting his info from some kind of hidden alien dimension or ethereal plane then I really think he should be disclosing that. Transparency, innit.

  5. Bravefart

    I would too was disgusted by the ASI ‘s nakedly disinterested analysis. The way it was described, the world wouldn’t go to hell in a handcart if Scotland voted yes and it might exist as a viable, potentially thriving nation. Now that’s about as sensible an idea as me going to the Fringe and saying that, as an Englishman, I believe we’re better with the Union, on balance.

    Any more like that and I’ll start saying nice things to Ritchie.

  6. No mystery. The restaurants that have been closed are in areas being prepped for redevelopment, the general population thinks they are American, and all the workers are hated Tajik migrants. It’s a nice propaganda move at little cost.

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