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If house prices can’t keep going on up forever then they won’t. The question is, how soon will we grasp the nettle?

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  1. I’ve said it before, perhaps on here, but the British public would go to war before they let house prices fall to any significant degree. They’ve staked their entire lives on it.

  2. “If house prices can’t keep going on up forever then they won’t.”

    Fair enough, but why shouldn’t they keep going up forever? What’s the difference between saying that and ‘If the economy can’t keep growing forever’?

  3. There’s going to be a major upheaval in the next few years or so.

    A lot of my generation invested heavily in housing and often brag about it being their pension fund. Great I after said to friends who lived in bigger houses than me, but just remember that when retirement time comes you will have to downsize to release your pension.

    I’m 57 and have just watched one friend start the process but he was always a realist and I expect him to be in the minority, so cue lots more wailing in the Daily Mail and a lot more middle class welfare to protect those with big houses but little cash.

  4. BwaB>

    I keep thinking that one ought to be investing in equity release sellers for a few years – although make sure to get out before the mis-selling claims come along.

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