Timmy elsewhere

World Service radio, about 15 minutes in.

Sadly, they lost the best line….

3 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. Statist monopoly, funded by thugs with guns collecting money from hard pressed libertarian rentiers in Essex. Have you no shame?

  2. bloke (not) in spain

    Listening to the segment caused me to wonder about the possible EUness of this. From a Brit perspective, it’s of course nonsense. if you’ve fitted carpets throughout a high powered vacuum cleaner’s obviously more efficient. But are fitted carpets a peculiarly Brit affectation for homes? I can’t honestly say I’ve seen them anywhere else. My Spanish apartment doesn’t even have a rug & few people I know there have more than the odd one or two. More for show than practical necessity. Nowhere I’ve lived in France had them & the only French or Belgians i remember fully carpeted were in a Paris apartment. Italy seems much like Spain, Romania’s never heard of them & my recollections of Germany were well polished wood.
    If one’s mainly dealing with the odd rug & using the curtain attachment a high power vac’s a needless extravagance.
    Maybe the story’s just as much the usual inappropriate EU one-size-fits-all-ing & the ridiculousness of trying to manage behaviour at this level. if you want to manage behaviour in the first place.

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