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At the ASI.

Another installment from the annals of rampant stupidity. Apparently it would be a good idea if granny had to scrabble in the hospital garden for a few potatoes the day after her hip surgery.

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  1. ‘For we’ve invented this thing called “transport”’, as a consequence of which the varieties on sale are those that are robust enough to be transported (even if their flavour or texture is rubbish), or garish enough to appeal to consumer ignorant about these things. So it makes perfectly good sense to grow some strawberries, for instance, in your kitchen garden if you select varieties that taste much better than Tesco strawbs. It’s also sensible to grow sweetcorn, if you like the straight-from-the plant flavour that even freezing doesn’t capture. Some of the harder-to-find apple varieties are also a good bet, and I dare say that some tattie varieties are too.

  2. The dreadfullness of the modern hospital, its fluorescent lights, sealed windows, noise and sheer ugliness depress the spirits of all but unconscious patients. Rather than food gardens, the patient needs some peace, access to something which relieves the sheer industrial awfulness of the place. Design for the improving the individual experience and the aesthetic may extend to making the food palatable and the staff kinder.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    What is it with Lefties and their stupid agrarian fantasies? They see pictures of the Komsomol toiling in the fields and think, “gosh, what a good idea,” instead of “why don’t they have a combine harvester?” I don’t grow my own food for the same reason my greengrocer doesn’t write software. Some pot plants and a little cactus on top of my computer are the limits of my current horticultural ambitions.

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