Turns out, I was inhaling the equivalent of 40 fags a day – at least in terms of nicotine. There was no doubt about it, I was a vape addict.

My love affair with vaping began to unravel. I just couldn’t continue with the habit knowing the risks.

But giving up wasn’t easy. It took several attempts to finally quit. In the end I switched to a nicotine patch and slowly weaned myself off the drug for good.

If I’d known two years ago what I know now, I would never have started vaping. And I would strongly discourage anyone else from taking it up. Yet, even as I write, I can feel a insidious craving to vape – oh the bliss contained in that first puff of e-cigarette. But I will stand firm come what may – and so should anyone who values their health.

40 vapes worth of nicotine is rather less damaging than 40 fags a day.

That’s actually the point.

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  1. Little did she know, her ‘friendly’ e-cigarette was actually damaging her health – as the World Health Organisation is now starting to realise

    Eh, no.

    The WHO’s position is nobody can prove yet that they definitely aren’t dangerous, and they look sort of like cigarettes, so let’s ban them on the precautionary principle

    There’s no reason to believe e-fags are harmful to anything like the same degree as real fags, but they’re probably less not harmful than inhaling fresh mountain air. The real impetus here though is to boss people around. The campaign against smokers has been won, let’s humiliate the vapers.

    In other news, the UN can piss up a rope, an’ all.

  2. They’re puritans. They don’t care about health or harm; these are purely arguments to sway and silence liberals. They care about the pleasure, and the “addiction” part. The latter because the Puritans are dualistic in seeing a conflict between the flesh and the spirit, and an addiction is the chaining of the spirit by the flesh.

    They never have cared about health. None of this is anything to do with health. Arguing with them about health and harm is pointless.

  3. “I was spending at up to £30 a week on e-cigarettes”

    Don’t know how she was managing this. Must have been those crappy throwaway things from Boots, rather than buying the refillables like any person whos done more than 3 seconds of research.

    “a potential passive smoking risk”

    Yes, the untold danger of passive water vapour must be eliminated.

    What utter, complete twats these people are. It’s because people enjoy vaping isn’t it?

    The article is total silly season, Polly Filla dribble as well.

  4. Dan, I think you’re underestimating the risks of passive water vapour. I just got hit by a blast from my kettle. Thank god there weren’t any children in the kitchen at the time.

  5. Gah, it gets even more annoying on the re-read.

    ” I was never a committed smoker.,,,borrowing’ fags off bystanders”

    A poncer – the worst kind of smoker – fuck not even a proper smoker. It’s hard to say no when a fruity girl asks for a snout.

    “In the end I switched to a nicotine patch ”

    Nicotine patches – notoriously ineffective, over priced scams.


  6. Even ASH thinks the WHO is being a little overzealous

    Most likely, because WHO is giving the game away. I’ve no doubt that those miserable Puritan killjoys in ASH share the same goal.

  7. A vile mix of fanaticism and old fashioned corruption is driving this. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want to see their ineffective products (nicotine patches) trounced by the competition.

  8. It happened to a friend of mine. He was hooked on vaping. He tried everything to get off them, nicotine patches, acupuncture, nicotine gum, hypnotherapy.

    In the end I suggested he try Malboro Lights and that did the trick. He hasn’t vaped once since.

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