We all know who killed Jim Morrison dear

Marianne Faithfull, the singer and actress, has claimed her drug dealing ex-boyfriend “killed” Jim Morrison after accidentally supplying him heroin that was too strong.

Faithfull, who has a new album out in September, told a music magazine she was now the only person alive “connected” to Morrison’s death, after travelling to Paris in 1971.

My word, new album out? Need a story?

But the point is that we all know who killed Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison did. Between the booze and the drugs and the food he wasn’t long for this world whatever it was that actually triggered the end itself.

7 thoughts on “We all know who killed Jim Morrison dear”

  1. I remember mooching around in HMV Oxford Street some twenty years ago when there was some weird album being playing over the store’s sound system. I assumed it was some avant-garde recording of gravel being poured into a dustbin, when I then noticed Ms Faithfull behind a table singing copies of her new album for a rather short queue. “Aha”, thought I, “that’s the bird who slept with the Rolling Stones innit?”.

    In fact, thinking about it, that was probably her album that they were playing.

  2. I do not think you mean ‘singing copies of her new album,’ Vir. Although I’d be impressed with Ms F if you did mean it.

  3. @VC, I don’t know about twenty years ago but 15 years ago she produced Vagabond Ways which is one of my favourite albums, almost as good as Broken English twenty years earlier. Her output isn’t enormous but she’s much more than the bird who used to hang out with the Stones.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Dying from a hot load OD really doesn’t actually happen all that often. It’s a useful trope in detective shows on TV (“there’s a new brand of ultra-pure synthemesc on the street and vice cops Vic Squarejaw and Janice Pantsuit have to track it down before more junkies wind up dead”) but it’s not very common. Why would a dealer cut his gear less than he needs to? That’s leaving money on the table and besides, it’s bad business to kill your clients too often.

  5. Dennis The Peasant

    Marianne did a nice version of Kurt Weill’s ‘The Seven Deadly Sins’ a while back. It almost makes up for her sleeping with the Mincing Dork.

    Hot load ODs due to unusual levels of purity are rather rare, but unfortunately junkies often aren’t in good enough shape to accurately administer safe dosages regardless of product purity.

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