Yes, fair enough

Doctors could be struck if they fail to apologise to patients

Although that headline would have made more sense if they’d added “off” after the struck…..

8 thoughts on “Yes, fair enough”

  1. And the first thing they are told when they contact their professional indemnity insurer is “Don’t apologise”.

  2. Apologise for bungling that kills your Granny?. Well maybe. But apologise for the usual roster of PC offenses or get struck off?. Fuck off. More control seeking from the usual bureaucratic/political shite.

  3. Presumably if doctor in question were a woman, and you were a chivalrous cove, you get to elect to punch their husband in lieu? Thinking Mrs Richard Murphy here.

  4. We don’t need bureaucrats to fix this problem with more spurious and self seeking rules. A bit of healthy competition with the money following the customer would smarten their attitude.

  5. BraveFart, chivalry is a misguided Neanderthal throwback to mysoginistic times, according to the sort of hairy lipped feminist cretin infesting the pages of the ‘Guardian’.

    So in the spirit of equality, just sock her on the jaw. It’s what they want, right?

  6. JuliaM

    Yes, of course, you’re absolutely right. A modern chap should not distinguish or discriminate on the grounds of an x or y chromosome.

    I would therefore punch both of the fvckers……between the legs.

  7. It is a bit puzzling – the near universal desire to deprive a person of employment if that person breaks some rule of behaviour. And there seem to be so many new rules.
    And so many demands for apologies.
    You can see the attraction of crime- free will, free association , free speech.

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