Amusing from Ritchie

It is very obvious that there can only be one national grid

And only one national school system

And one NHS

Etc etc

To pretend otherwise is just dogmatic pretence at the end of the day

Blimey. How the hell have we survived all these years without that one national school system?

21 thoughts on “Amusing from Ritchie”

  1. And one national rail network.

    How lucky we are then for our trains to be operated by a number of privatised rail companies. Yes indeed, these companies represent such a national treasure that one has just been awarded the Fair Tax Mark.

    Yes folks, that’s the full Richard Murphy seal of approval for privatised railways. Yippee.

    and yesterday he wrote a VERY moving piece on the Joy of Home Ownership. Capitalist red in tooth ‘n’ claw that Murphy is.

  2. I think that he is either postmodern irony when he calls these things obvious, otherwise he is just thick and unimaginative.

  3. Oh how I am nostalgic for the days of “natural monopoly”!

    One canal network, one post service, telephone operator, optician, gas supplier, Milk Marketing Board, weather forecaster, broadcaster, political party…

    Not THAT nostalgic, mind.

  4. So we’re screwed if the Scots vote for independence. How will the island of Great Britain cope with two separate electricity grids, two healthcare systems, etc.?

  5. Come on, he’s right about the NHS.

    If we had two national healthcare systems called “NHS” there would be no end of confusion.

  6. BiF: That was (attempted) sarcasm. Scotland, Wales, and England already have separate education systems.

    I’ve just had a look at the comments on Ritchie’s site, lest Tim had quoted him out of context. If anything Tim is being too generous. Ritchie actually advocates nationalising the banks’ clearing system, in order to prevent a Lehman-style crash.

  7. Bloke in Costa Rica

    So presumably the schools that Tim, and I, and no doubt other denizens of Worstall Mansions went to, are part of the ‘natural’ single UK education system? What a silly twerp.

  8. Ritchie accusing others of dogma is always amusing.

    Ritchie: “I believe A”
    Commenter: “But what about X?”
    R: “That’s obviously not the same thing/relevant”
    C: “Obvious how?”
    R: “You’re a troll/neoliberal/Tim W. My comment policy allows me to ignore or block you.”

  9. A National Food Service would surely cure our obesity epidemic. Not sure malnutrition would be a price worth paying though.

  10. He says, posting on an _international_ computer network, made up of hundreds of cooperative private companies.

  11. Andrew M

    No worries.
    I try to project my bile out of this blog, not make enemies in it.
    In my defence I cite the fact that I described Arnauld as a gonk not a troll, and have not yet accused IanB of being a sociologist.

  12. Andrew M,

    There is significant overlap between people who say that the National Grid is one of those things where you can obviously only have one of them and Scots who are planning to vote Yes. I wonder if they’ve noticed the implications of their own logic yet?

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