And yes, they’re lying desperately now

E-cigarettes designed to help people quit smoking may act as a ”gateway” to harmful illicit drugs, researchers have said.

Like conventional cigarettes, the devices are said to raise the risk of addiction to banned substances such as cannabis and cocaine.

Scientists pointed out that while eliminating many of the toxic compounds found in tobacco, e-cigarettes delivered highly addictive ”pure nicotine”.

In mice, nicotine was found to alter brain biochemistry and prime the animals to develop a need for cocaine.

So, smoking incidence has fallen in recent decades. Cocaine use is up. Tehrefore smoking leads to cocaine use.

Do fuck off you ghastly little wankers.

14 thoughts on “And yes, they’re lying desperately now”

  1. Tim, Tim, Tim… When are you going to learn logic do not applied to the modern abolitionists who insist on banning everything fun? It’s not about science, it’s what’s in their heart that’s for the betterment of the humanity that’s important.

    If you disagree with them, then you’re obviously a member of the conspiracy against humanity.

  2. The “gateway” argument is only used as a last-ditch attempt by people who’ve lost every other argument (which is why it’s now the primary one being wheeled out against general cannabis legalisation in the US), so that’s a positive sign.

  3. Mysteriously, the nicotine released by highly lucrative nicotine patches is not addictive, harmful or any sort of gateway.

  4. It’s a moral crusade, not a scientific argument. The “scientists” involved are as much giving scientific advice as the beaming doctors in the “Doctors Smoke Chesterfields” ads.

  5. bloke (not) in spain

    Totally anecdotal, of course, but i haven’t heard of a single person embarking on e-cigs who wasn’t already a smoker. And I’ve been living in a place where e-cigs have had serious market penetration. The town’s at least a dozen specialist outlets on top of almost all the tabacs now stocking them. Seeing little blue lights winking is a feature of every bar & restaurant. Contrast with the UK, where I’m soon going to have a problem finding supplies other than the overpriced rubbish the patelerie stocks.
    Oh, and if anyone’s interested – research seems to indicate cannabis does dissolve in e-cig liquid but with very little result & if coke does, it certainly doesn’t exit the mouthpiece. Looks like the sales of Rizlas, tiny pipes, razorblades on chains, pocket mirrors & other paraphernalia will be holding up.

  6. The very first clause is bollocks.

    E-cigarettes designed to help people quit smoking

    No they’re bloody not. They’re designed to make smoking far far safer so you don’t need to quit. Some of them are also designed to stop passive smoking. If the puritans really cared about health, they’d approve.

  7. Hmmm, I think this is a normalisation/dosage argument. If vaping is safer, some people will take up vaping who otherwise wouldn’t have smoked (dunno if many or just a few, mind). And even if you limit the argument to smokers, the price and lower risk enable higher dosage.

    But sure, no reason you can’t cover your whole arm in patches, if they’re not prescription-only.

    They still have to make the case that the additional harm from increased cocaine use (how much? how risky?) offsets the benefit from not filling your lungs with all the crap from tobacco smoke. It’s the usual bollocks extrapolation from petri-dish to armageddon.

    Oh, and for extra fun, they’re suggesting banning a product because they’re afraid it’ll lead to people consuming *more* of an already-banned product. And don’t see the flaw in that plan.

  8. Bloke in Costa Rica

    This is staggeringly retarded and puts the cart before the horse. For one thing, drug users already smoke at a rate far higher than the general population. This is true for recovering addicts as well as active users. Never once have I heard that smoking led on to harder drugs. Never. Pot, maybe (although more often than not marijuana is ancillary to other drugs rather than the first step in progression to the hard stuff). In this context, e-cigarettes are a harm reduction device, and they do provide one possible pathway to quitting altogether. Curiously, recovering alcoholics smoke at a far lower rate but for those that do, e-cigs are again a possible means to complete cessation of use. These dingbats have the arrow of causation 180° from where it should be.

  9. Can anybody tell me what qualifications i need to become a scientist and to earn lots of dosh.very few I would guess.

  10. bloke (not) in spain

    ” ~ E-cigarettes designed to help people quit smoking ~

    No they’re bloody not. They’re designed to make smoking far far safer so you don’t need to quit. ”

    Sorry but you totally miss the point. E-cigs help you quit SMOKING. Whilst letting you still get nicotine. So it removes what we are told is the dangerous aspect of nicotine consumption. SMOKING tobacco.

    You can, if you wish, make an entirely different case for the evils of nicotine or even the health dangers of vapeing. But it is in no way SMOKING. No fire required.

  11. For one thing, drug users already smoke at a rate far higher than the general population.

    Ha. I spent a week in detox to dry out from booze. And took two cartons of cigs with me, and still had to get Mumsie to bring me a few packs. To my total lack of surprise, all the ice/pot/codeine addicts in there with me (I was the only good old-fashioned boozer) smoked too.

    If anything, smoking is a socially acceptable substitute for real substance abuse. Not a gateway drug.

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