Anyone care to send me this paper?…I have this now, thank you

At this rate it might almost be worth signing up as a student somewhere to get access to a university library. In the interim, anyone want to send me this paper?


He appears to be trying to measure productivity growth by looking at the productivity of government employees. Which is simply barmy. By definition their output is what they’re paid…..unless he’s using some non-standard measure.

2 thoughts on “Anyone care to send me this paper?…I have this now, thank you”

  1. Its barmy to think two public sector workers paid the same wage in different times or places necessarily produce the same quantity of real services. Statistical agencies may use cost as best feasible method of estimating output, but if Gordon has better method certainly not barmy to try.

  2. Reminds me of my first job at the Australian Bureau of Statistics more than thirty years ago. There was the story of the interview with the PhD candidate who’d spent years on research that proved there was no productivity growth in the public sector but was crestfallen when it was pointed out to him that the Explanatory Notes of the national accounts stated that public sector output was measured by wages.

    Of course, my boss at the time measured my lack of productivity by the reams of wasted computer print out generated by incorrect punch cards – maybe things have improved?

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