Bit of a conflict here really

So the latest whine from the environmentalists is that people are going to go mining in Lapland:

Great stretches of Europe’s last wildernesses risk being damaged and polluted as the international mining industry gears up to develop northern Finland, Sweden, and Norway in search of uranium, iron ore, nickel, phosphorus, and valuable rare earth minerals, according to environmentalists.

It would, they say, be terrible for the reindeer herding.

It’s a lovely example of the never do anything at all principle. If you can’t mine where there’s fuck all but reindeer then where can you mine? Where will we get those rare earths to build renewable energy systems from?

On the other hand at least two of the projects that would get screwed up by this campaign are scandium projects and I certainly don’t want any more competition. So, bit of a conflict there really.

Hmm. No, getting into bed with Greenpeace would just be too awful to contemplate. Damn my own interests and mine the place.


16 thoughts on “Bit of a conflict here really”

  1. What a wilderness really needs is a retreat for uber-Greenies. And once they are all there enjoying themselves, we can cut the electric and mine all the roads. Then they can find out why being a medieval peasant in a Northern winter was so much fun.

    On the other hand, why do they think stuff has names like Ytterbium? It wasn’t a attempt by Secret World Club of Chemistry Teachers to make kids scream at having to spell. (And yes, I do know Ytterby is in Sweden not Finland.)

  2. SE/TomO – hear hear.

    The problem is, we can’t actually force these guys to live their dream, so at some point we’re probably all going to have to live it for a while. It’s going to take something like that before the mass of people wake up to this bullshit.

  3. I wouldn’t worry too much, Tim. By the time all approvals are obtained and the mines are developed to the point of actually producing you should hopefully be sunning yourself on a beach, happily retired.

  4. It’s the same as the jokers who want to preserve the Green Belt.

    Our local park, on the edge of suburbia, a mile and a bit from the nearest town, covers 160 acres. We walk there regularly and, if you don’t count dog walkers, hardly ever see a soul.

    But if you wanted to build a house there…

  5. NIMBY-ism is bad, NIYBY-ism is worse.

    The reindeer herders are set to be rolling in it thanks to the royalties, and some twats from London want to stop them? Let ’em try!

  6. I think you should get into bed with greenpeace to blow them. Show them up for taking money from Big Scandium.

  7. Compared to the size of Lapland how big is a mine going to be for Chrissake. Use the least possible area and the same for any roads, etc. And as for pollution–surely the Norges have enough bureaucrats on the payroll to keep a strict eye on that.

  8. I would’ve thought you’d want more companies handling Scandium. It’ll increase the market for it as the businesses will find new ways to use Scandium to ensure their investment works out. Competition is good.

  9. It is by will alone that I bring reality into being. Unicorn Power. We won’t have to do any of the icky work, just think happy thought and that other guy will make it so, not from places we want to preserve, but from someplace I don’t know.

    More environmentalist happy thoughts.

  10. Funny how the enviros are all protective of reindeer-herding laplanders but DGAF about ranchers or farmers in the developed parts of the world. Makes you wonder if their real concerns are different from their pronouncements.

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