Democracy is what the majority wants, right?

Great, so we can stop all this recycling nonsense:

Despite countless Whitehall campaigns and initiatives, Britons still don’t really care about the environment, a survey has found.

Nearly two thirds admit to being indifferent, and one in ten young people claim not to care about recycling at all.

A third of people thought they recycled as much as possible – but only one in six said they consciously bought items because they were made from recycled materials.

The majority don’t give a shit so we can stop, right?

19 thoughts on “Democracy is what the majority wants, right?”

  1. I don’t deliberately harm the environment, don’t drop litter and recycle what is no effort. I’m far from convinced of the value of recycling à la local council waste, so empty milk cartons, tuna tins, etc., go in the normal bin because I’m not prepared to spend time and money rinsing them. If a tree is in the way, I chop it down. And as a climate change sceptic, my carbon footprint does not exercise my mind one jot.

    I’d rather they stopped wasting my money and left it in my pocket so I could have an even bigger carbon footprint.

  2. No ,democracy is not what the majority wants.There is a concept of the preservation and protection of minorities or else the majority could combine and chuck out ( or worse ) any minority they took a dislike to.At the moment in this country the majority of homeowners is making life next to impossible for minorities of renters and everybody else, well served by totally unprincipled politicians mostly Conservatives but not entirely. This morning the FT describes how the CBI is preparing to take on the Homeownerists (politicians and customers) and get house prices down. Go for it ,suits! (You will be defeated.)

  3. Democracy is what the majority wants, right?

    Nnooo. Democracy is what the scum elected by the majority wants.

    And they want recycling, apparently. Cue: “We need to try harder to get the message across.” etc. etc. Yawn.

  4. I recycle as little as possible, for moral reasons.

    The moral reason being that the council’s mandatory recycling programme with its baffling assortment of unsightly coloured tubs cluttering up my driveway and the horribly inconvenient fortnightly bin collection is an affront to liberty, reason, and Steveanessence.

    Thankfully the privately run tip is a short drive away, so on weekends I load up my 4×4 with black bin bags full of dead batteries, soiled nappies, plastic bottles, and low energy lightbulbs, then toss them into the pit marked “non-recyclable waste”.

    I’ve always hated The Environment ever since I saw that rat-faced idiot Swampy on the telly with his lice-ridden, dreadlocked, trustafarian chums trying to stop a perfectly good bypass from being built.

    Looking at their gaunt, pale faces and mad, staring eyes and grubby, benefit-scrounging hands I knew then that I would devote my life to fighting The Environment and all its evil, germy, spidery works.

    Fuck you, The Environment. You’re the bastard who invented wasps.

  5. Steve wins!

    I’m tempted to copy and paste one or two choice bits from that next time I go and poke some greenies…

  6. DBC Reed

    It’s funny, but saying the same thing got me barred from Ritchie blog as an “enemy of democracy”. Yeah, funny how you lefties pick up and put down your principles as and when it suits you.

  7. Incidentally, I used to recycle Dell printer cartridges because every time I bought one, they sent me a SAE.

    They stopped doing that. So I stopped recycling them. As DocBud points out, put obstacles in my way, you can forget it!

  8. Steve’s argument reminds me of my own attitude to living in harmony with Mother Nature.

    I’ve no intention of living in harmony with Mother Nature. The bitch is trying to kill me, and everyone I care about. She’ll manage it one day, too.

  9. “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

    Gilens (Princeton) & Page (Northwestern U), “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens”

  10. Tim,

    If it’s possible to have the halleluiah chorus play automatically when anyone reads a post, please apply it to Steve’s post above.

    I have reproduced in on Facebook, with credit to Steve. The world needs to read this insightful summary of arguments about “The Environment”.

    Wasps, the Al-Qaida of the insect world. spreading indiscriminate misery for no good discernible reason.

  11. Mother Nature does a hell of a job recycling. I’ve just spent days cutting down undergrowth, overgrowth and any growth I find in a place where I don’t want it.
    Multiple trips to the dump and long queues as the trucks do their ceaseless round of carting away other suburbanites’ vegetation.
    I think we can leave the carbon cycle alone, it seems to be doing a pretty good job.

  12. I love the environment, I’d like to stop recycling – because it _causes_ carbon emissions.

    The number of times I’ve been to the local recycling centre only to end up in a line of cars all belching out carbon waiting to get in. More normally I’m there in the queue because the council wont take it from outside my house if it’s too big, too much or in the wrong bin.

    Recycling is a good thing, but the way it is being done is making things worse, mainly due to Soviet style thinking on the part of the council, for which I pay the privilege, they even measure recycling in tons rather than actual carbon saving, I’m beginning to think the Wall never fell, it just relocated to the end of my garden.

    I’d be very close to thinking of building a household incinerator with a waste to heat facility driving some form of generator, if it were possible.

  13. The requirement to properly wash tins before recycling is clearly insane. How on earth do they check it’s done properly? Probably they don’t need to bother as the actual recycling process will take care of that anyway.

    I’ve never rinsed tins, but never had them refused. Have I saved water, or raped Mother Nature?

  14. I am not sure whether DBC Reed is getting it wrong deliberately or if he really thinks democracy is what he wants it to be.
    Democracy is the rule of the people, defined (originally interpreted but now defined) as state acting in accordance with the the will of the majority.
    We don’t actually have democracy – we have “representative democracy” where a group of “representatives” decide what the rules should be.

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