Diplomats and European Union officials have accused the Work and Pensions Secretary of an “act of aggression” by refusing to pay benefits to thousands of Czech, Slovak and Polish migrant workers – even though they are no longer in Britain.

The three governments paid out unemployment benefits to people who had been working and paying taxes in UK before becoming unemployed and moving back home.

Under EU rules the UK—as the last state of employment–is obliged to contribute to the unemployment benefits of jobless Czechs, Slovaks and Poles who once worked and paid tax in Britain.

But the Central European states claim this is no longer happening, and the UK has left them to pick up the entire bill.

Well, yes, I can see the logic in the plan. But no, just no.

4 thoughts on “Eh?”

  1. Fred-
    Um, isn’t that exactly what “thousands of Czech migrant workers – even though they are no longer in Britain” are doing – and seemingly successfully enough that the Czech Rep is trying to get the UK to contribute?

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