English and American are different languages

Snoozeville: Bored boy nosedives on Oval Office couch while parents, Obama chat
Washington Times – ‎58 minutes ago‎

Apparently, not everyone is impressed by a visit to the Oval Office. The White House’s official Flickr account shows a young boy plunging headfirst on top of a sofa while his parents chat up President Obama.

Umm, yes. Going for a threesome with the President of the United States in the Oval Office while your son is already bored enough to be facebombing the furniture. That takes dogging to new heights of ambition…..

Sorry, what? Americans you say? Ah yes, “to chat up” there doesn’t have the same implication of talking to so as to wheedle sexual favours out of that it does here, does it?

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  1. English and American are different languages

    One has to be wary of Oscar Wilde attributions, but I fear that Oscar may have got there first with a similar observation.

    Still it’s as witty and fresh as ever.

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