Hollande might have the last laugh here

France’s ex-first lady Valérie Trierweiler, allegedly mocked by François Hollande over her modest origins, looks set to become richer than her ex-partner thanks to her tell-all book on her troubled times with the president.

“Merci pour ce moment” (Thanks For This Moment) has been one of Amazon France’s bestsellers and has sold 442,000 copies since it came out at the start of the month, according to the latest figures from its publisher.

Hmm. OK.

Any financial worries she might have had have now been chased away by the runaway success of “Merci pour ce moment”, which Le Figaro newspaper calculated has netted her 1.3 million euros (£1 million).

The publisher, Les Arènes, said it thought that figure was “excessive” but was unable to provide a more exact number when contacted by The Telegraph.

Yes, 3 euros a copy on a paperback does sound a bit high.

“Merci pour ce moment” will almost certainly make her richer than Mr Hollande. When he came to power in 2012, he declared his wealth — consisting mostly of property – to be 1.17 million euros.

Well, I’m not sure. Doesn’t France have a 75% income tax rate currently: one set by a certain M. Hollande?

8 thoughts on “Hollande might have the last laugh here”

  1. The jacket price (Amazon UK) is £23.65.
    That’s roughly 30 euro.
    I think 10% of jacket price is about standard for authors?
    So three euro per book sounds right, to me.
    I suspect the publishers are quibbling in respect of the number of copies sold.

  2. So Much for Subtlety

    Anyone who thinks Hollande is not going to leave office a few million quid richer than when he went in needs his head read.

    This is French politics after all. I am sure there are a few African dictators happy to part with a few diamonds. Hollande won’t even have to do whatever it was Naomi Campbell had to do for hers. If not, there are still a few dictators happy to sign a few airplane deals with Dassault. Just ask Sarkozy why French intervention in Libya was necessary.

  3. What the hell could be in such a book to make it worth £23.65. Stupid female marries socialist puke who shags around…. what does she have to tell?. The horror of how she was watching Jules et Jim while only two floors up in the palace Hollande was screwing like a weasel?.

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    Mr Ecks – “What the hell could be in such a book to make it worth £23.65. Stupid female marries socialist puke who shags around…. what does she have to tell?”

    It was worth the £23.65 just to hear Hollande refer to his quasi-in-laws as “without teeth”. But in French. Which is, like, much classier.

    Although I still won’t buy the book because I read that bit for free on the Tellie’s website.

  5. …or she might have the very last laugh by moving to South Kensington like so many of her compatriots who now make London France’s sixth largest city, displacing Bordeaux.

    ‘The Rottweiler of Onslow Square’ has a certain cachet – vous ne trouvez pas?

  6. doesn’t France have lower tax rates for writers, artists, philosophers and other left-wing dreamers?

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